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Monday, October 13, 2008:
The last day of ME

Today is the last day of Stacy questions, and today's prize is something I think all booklovers can appreciate: a $25 giftcard to Barnes and Noble! Obviously the questions are going to be a bit tougher, but they are not impossible. Contest ends Thursday, October 16th @ 7pm CST.

Hint: the answers (most likely) can be found at the blog if you "search" for them.


1. What is my Sexy Name Decoder alias?

2. What is my favorite Robert Frost poem?

3. What was my first YA romance?

4. What is my hometown and what movie(s) was filmed there?

5. What was the first man-love romance I read, and who wrote it?

6. What is the first book I ever read by Suzanne Brockmann?

7. Which book depicts my favorite first kiss between the h/hn?

8. What is my favorite Halloween t.v. special?

9. What is my favorite animal?

10. When I was little I was afraid of dying (morbid kid). Where did I decide I was going to move so I could live forever?


Thanx to each & every one of you for making my

birthday weekend extra special.

This has been a lot of fun and I hope you

guys enjoyed playing along :)

Here's to birthdays everywhere!

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  1. This would all be a lot easier if you'd already been FOTW. ;)

  2. Stacy you throw a terrific party.....Hope you have had a great week.

  3. Hi Stacy!

    Well, I don't know a single answer to your questions, sorry to say. But I like your blog page and I just finished reading the Janice maynard book you have in your library, A Perfect Ten. So it looks like we have something in common.
    Renee DeMarcus

  4. Stacy! How did I not know this was going on!? Maybe it has something to do with my life being all about my job and doing my kids homework for, um, I mean *with* them.

    What a great way to celebrate your week! Since I'm seeing you tonite, you can fill me in on all the answers to these questions...

  5. Oh god - I missed your whole birthday party! :(((((

    Happy happy birthday!!!

    I hate to say how tired// scratch// lazy I am that I won't go looking for the answers...

    Hope you had an awesome day!

  6. 3. P.S. I love you by Barbara Conklin

  7. I was going to enter, but none of your other friends are doing it and I'll be damned if I'm the greedy one! So I say you go spend $25 at B&N on yourself! You totally deserve it! Buy a book, a few magazines, get a coffee and desert in the cafe... I think they may even have pumpkin cheesecake this time of year. =)

    Happy Birthday!

  8. This one is really hard but I will give it a try. I am a sucker for a

    1 trelainastarblazer
    2 Nothing Gold Can Stay
    3. PS I Love You
    4. Iron Range MN. the movie is North Country
    5. Not sure if first one is My Fair Captain by J L Langley
    6. Kiss and first by her too
    7. Zsadist & Bella in Lover awakened.
    8. the great Pumpkin Charlie Brown
    9. A Leopard????
    10. neverland

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