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Monday, October 06, 2008:
Happy Monday...

Kind of a low-key weekend for me: grocery shopping, caught up on some DVDs, dealt with a little drama...and naps. I was a total slug and took naps both days. That's what fall days are all about, imo.
Now it's Monday already and I just wanna spend my day doing what the hottie's doing. But instead it's back to reality, since it's obvious me and my co-workers did not win the lottery this weekend...unless the one in charge of getting tickets took the money and ran.
If you won the lottery, what would you do with all that money?
And October just isn't about fall and Halloween and apples, it's about birthdays. Most especially mine, but also those of some pretty awesome people in blogland. I know Christine just celebrated a special birthday, and there are many other October birthdays out there. If you're anything like me, then you like the attention and the parties. To me, it's not just about one day, but more about a week or even a month of fun. It's not so much about gifts (those are nice) but about celebrating life, and friendships.
Know anyone celebrating a birthday this month?
Or are you the one celebrating?
What's your favorite thing about birthdays?

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  1. Happy Birthday to you this month!

    Mine is the end of the month!

    Now that I'm a mom and my son is older (nine) it's so great to hear him tell me what he wants to get me for my birthday. The last was a gift card to the bookstore in a gift bag filled with different kinds of Snickers candy bars! :) It was so sweet, but I told him he's not supposed to tell me!! It's just nice to hear him actually working his little brain, thinking of ways to put together the perfect little gift for me :).

    I hope you have a wonderful birthday!

    I'm having a book giveaway on my blog in celebration of mine.

  2. I love how people all come together and are happy at birthday parties. :D And it is the perfect excuse to eat some cake. Because you can have as much cake as you want and won't gain a pound because it is your special day. Or so says me.

  3. I have October 11th down as very special Stacy day at my blog!

    Favorite thing about Birthdays? Um, the cake. And the prezzies!

  4. The favourite thing about birthdays is the special things that you do to make someone's birthday special for them. That can be a lot of fun.

  5. I'd love to do what he's doing today as well. Glad things worked out this weekend.

  6. I love Birthdays :o) They just tend to be fun and it helps mark another year that has passed.

  7. my sis turns 18 this month and my middle child turns 4 this month. It is a good month.

  8. The thing I love about birthdays is that it gives everyone an excuse to get together and splurge on nice dinner. That's all I really ever want to do for mine. All my friends and a special meal. Maybe some good beverages. :)

    So, the signing will be part of an extended birthday celebration for you! Excellent!

  9. Hey Stacy, I tried posting on you Like it Hot post and it would not let me. I would recommend Maya Banks if you want Menage. Colter's Woman and Brazen were really good. As was Sweet Surrender. Bianca D'Arc is really good but she is more fantasy/sc-fi/paranormal.

  10. Thanx everyone. I'm really looking forward to the celebrating. It's been fun.

    Kris, I took the post down cuz I wanted to wait til today (wed) and for some reason it posted early. Thanx for trying :)

  11. Happy B-day to a fellow Libra!

    My biggest birthday present to myself was getting the latest book finished and in to my editor. Whew!

    I'm hoping to celebrate big next week, because it's my last thirties birthday -- next year's the big 4-0.

  12. Happy Birthday a few days early, Stacy! Any big plans for Saturday?

    I spent my birthday last Saturday waiting around for my landscaper to show and he never did!

    Luckily some of my coworkers took me out to dinner the night before! And then a friend took me out later that night (when I knew there was no reason to wait any longer...) So it all worked out in the end :-)

  13. Aw, Stacy. It was so sweet of you to mention me and my birthday on your blog. I usually lay low and have dinner and cake with my family. This year was definitely atypical. I'm still partying!! =)

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