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Saturday, October 11, 2008:
Happy birthday to...ME!

Here's another quiz to win a prize. This time I've got...(checking my bag 'o tricks)...two $5 giftcards for the Cold Stone Creamery. Should I give them to 2 lucky winners, or one very lucky winner? I think since I have more prizes lined up, I'll go with just one person for both giftcards.
As before, every right answer will get you an entry into the contest. A winner of this prize will be selected on Tuesday, October 14th, at 7pm CST.
1. The author I would dearly love to meet is:
a) Suzanne Brockmann
b) Judith McNaught
c) Diana Gabaldon
2. I have been in the audience of the following t.v. game show:
a) The Love Connection
b) The Price is Right
c) Wheel of Fortune
3. I have met when I was 16 (albeit briefly):
a) Victoria Principal
b) Phyllis Diller
c) Richard Simmons
4. My favorite summer drink:
a) diet Root Beer
b) lemonade
c) McD's vanilla iced coffee
5. My first car:
a) Chevy Cavalier
b) Buick Skylark
c) Ford Taurus
6. If I was stuck on a desert island, I'd want especially this hottie to keep me company:
a) Derek Craven from Lisa Kleypas' "Dreaming of You"
b) Howard Paxton from Jo Davis' "Trial By Fire"
c) Sam Watson from Lori Foster's "My House, My Rules"
7. I used to work for what airline:
a) United
b) American
c) Northwest
8. If I were Stephanie Plum, I'd choose:
a). Joe
b) Ranger
c) both!
9. My teenage crush was on:
a) Rob Lowe
b) Patrick Swayze
c) Tom Cruise
10. If I could have any superpower, it would be:
a) to see through walls
b) to fly
c) to lift heavy objects
Okay! There ya go. Have at it while I treat myself to a very rich and decadent piece of chocolate fudge cheesecake...yum!

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  1. I had to do some guessing, so I doubt I got them all right. This was a lot of work! :-)

    1. a) Suzanne Brockmann
    2. a) The Love Connection
    3. b) Phyllis Diller
    4. c) McD's vanilla iced coffee
    5. b) Buick Skylark
    6. b) Howard Paxton from Jo Davis' "Trial By Fire"
    7. a) United
    8. c) both!
    9. a) Rob Lowe
    10. a) to see through walls

  2. Oh, funny quiz! I don't need any more ice cream, but I wanted to wish you a GREAT birthday!!

  3. Happy Birthday Stacy! So glad I found your blog thru plotmonkeys.

  4. HAPPY BIRTHDAY, STACY!!!! I hope your day is special . . . just like you! =)

    Here are my guesses:
    1. Suzanne Brockmann
    2. The Price is Right
    3. Phyllis Diller
    4. lemonade
    5. Buick Skylark
    6. Howard Paxton!!!!! DUH!
    7. United
    8. BOTH!
    9. Tom Cruise
    10. to see through walls

    I guessed on almost all of them. I think I need to get to know you better. ;)

  5. Happy Birthday!

  6. Fun!! Happy Birthday!!!!! Today is my sister's b-day too. :) Here are my guesses.

    1. A
    2. C
    3. C
    4. B
    5. B
    6. B
    7. C
    8. C
    9. A
    10. B

  7. Happy B-Day, my friend!

    I hope it was filled with cold drinks, chocolate and hot menz!


  8. 1 Suzanne Brockmann--although I thought you had met her
    2. The Love connection
    3. Phyllis Diller
    4. McD's Iced Vanilla Coffee
    5. Buick Skylark
    6. Howard Paxton
    7. United
    8. Both
    9. Rob Lowe
    10. Fly

  9. Stacy! Happiest of birthdays to you!



  10. Hapyy birthday, girl! We'll have to see if we can con a free dessert out of the server on Monday ;)

    I am not even going to attempt to answer the questions. I would probably answer all of them incorrectly. :( I will use the excuse that I had 4 glasses of sangria tonight.

  11. Have a wonderful, wonderful Birthday Stacy!!!

  12. Happy birthday Stacy!!

  13. I'm late!

    Happy Birthday! hope you had a great day enjoy your week end :)

  14. How much fun is this! You are going to give us the answers when you're done laughing at us, right??

    1- c
    2- b
    3- c
    4- c
    5- b
    6- b
    7- a
    8- c
    9- a
    10- a

  15. HAPPY BIRTHDAY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  16. HAPPY BIRTHDAY!! Hope the day was a great one........

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