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Wednesday, October 08, 2008:
Liking it hot...

Here I am again, surrounded by stacks and stacks of books yet I'm asking for even more. You can never have enough books. I got some really great suggestions when I recently asked for paranormal recs, and so now I'm once again asking for reading ideas. This time around it's to appease my naughty girl (reading) tendencies. Lately I've been getting interested in erotic romance again. I used to read quite a bit of Ellora's Cave and Samhain Publishing releases but haven't really read a lot recently. Now I'm really in the mood for some extremely sexy reads, and I just know y'all will come through for me on this one.
I suppose I should define my idea of erotic romance. It's the super hawt stories - either m/f or m/f/m - that contain the HEA but focus heavily on the sexual side of the relationship. Though I love these authors and think they write really sexy stories, I would not consider them to be erotic romance authors: Lori Foster, Elizabeth Hoyt, Lisa Kleypas, Erin McCarthy, Janelle Denison, HelenKay Dimon, Lucy Monroe. Some readers may, but I've been reading most of their books for years, and consider them more sensual than sexual.

Here are some of the erotic romance authors I've read:

  • Lacey Alexander - love her books, as long as the heroine is not all about pleasing the hero instead of herself.
  • Shiloh Walker - her Hunter series is awesome.
  • Lora Leigh - read the Men of August and Bound Hearts. Hot but predictable.
  • Jaid Black - defintely hot, but the same story is recycled over again. Sometimes, I admit, that works for me though.
  • Sylvia Day - they keep getting better and better.
  • Bertrice Small - my earliest erotic romance education around the age of 12. Nobody does "kidnapped as a sex slave for the sultan" like Small.
  • Susan Johnson - raunchy yet rather clinical.
  • Robin Schone - definitely clinical. Not my thing, though many readers love her books.
  • Elizabeth Scott - more edgy, sometimes not all that sexy.
  • Jess Michaels - more sensual and romantic. I like them very much.
  • Jaci Burton - I loved "Wicked, Wild & Wanton" (or was it "Wild, Wicked & Wanton"?)
  • Emma Holly - hit or miss, mostly hit. I love the intense need she creates in her characters - they just "have" to have it. Very hawt.
  • Susan Lyons - very sexy and contemporary erotic romance. Most enjoyable.
  • Sasha White - leans too much towards BDSM, which really ain't my thing.
  • Angela Knight - Erotic vampire lovin' and oooh, I want "Jane's Warlord".
  • Red Sage "Secrets" - some good, some bad. Definitely sexy though.

So all you naughty women out there: tell me who rocks

your erotic romance world and why.

Feel free to give specific titles.

Thank you for your support ;)



  1. OK, seriously, I know I sound like a broken record, but if you're not reading Samantha Kane, you simply MUST! She writes awesome menage books. Her Brothers In Arms books are published by Ellora's Cave. And they are unbelievably well written and incredibly hot. Plus, she's a genuinely lovely person.

    Start with THE COURAGE TO LOVE, although my personal fave is book 3, AT LOVE'S COMMAND. Love these books!

    Soooo, I guess this recommendation makes me a naughty girl?? :giggles:

  2. Stacy - I'm with you on all your choices and I agree with MK/Kati - Samantha Kane I recommend - I think you would enjoy.

    I've also enjoyed Nicole Austin, Nikki Soarde, Rhyannon Byrd,Rachel Bo

  3. Try Megan Hart and PF Kozak. Kozak gets kind of weird sometimes but I find her stuff about 75% excellent and 25% WTF? (but in a shrug-and-move-on way, not in a ewwww-drop-the-book way).

    Totally agreen on Bertrice Small. Other good vintage smut would include Harold Robbins and Rosemary Rogers.

  4. Aw, thanks for including me on your list. It doesn't help you now, but I have two books coming out in 2009. I'll be in an anthology called A RED HOT VALENTINE'S DAY in January and then my next full-length erotic is TABOO in May.


  5. Have you read Behind Closed Doors by Shannon McKenna? I was not as fond of her recent books, but I really enjoyed this one.

  6. I really enjoyed Her Best Friend's Lover by Shiloh Walker (one of my faves by her) and the Breed series by Lora Leigh. I just finished Mercury's War and loved it.

  7. Oh I love finding new e-rom writers :o) Lately I've been reading some very sexy cowboy stories.

  8. Hey Stacy! What about Lorelie James or Delilah Devlin? I haven't read Small, believe it or not. Which of hers would you recommend I try to find?

  9. I have to agree with Kati - if you haven't read Samantha Kane you're missing out.

    (btw - I tagged you on my blog! :))

  10. Kati, I did write her name down since you mentioned her before. Yep, you're definitely a naughty girl *g*

    Marisa, you've listed some names I've heard but have never tried their books. I'll have to check 'em out.

    Nicola, I just got an antho w/ PF Kozak. Now I can't wait to read it.

    Jess, can't wait! They are auto-buys for me.

    Hey Shannon! I did. I enjoyed her books, but I just don't find them deeply erotic. Hot, for sure, but not quite as steamy. Still, I liked them very much.

    Tabitha, I have read that one by Shiloh and liked it very much.

    LeeAnn, oooh, sexy cowboys. I'm finally understanding their appeal LOL.

    Lisa, hmmm, I don't know if I'd actually recommend Small, but they were quite educational. She wrote the Sky O'Malley series, and her heroines end up in more beds, let me tell ya. She writes epic romances, with a lot of history thrown in (which I'll admit I skimmed through). What I liked about Skye is she never portrayed herself as a victim - she was very strong and bold and as independent as she could be while living in a harem.

    Tracy, I've added Samantha to my list. Now I must go to your blog :)

  11. Oh...Lacey Alexander. Her Brides of Caralon were actually my intro to erotic romance. *sigh* Also, her Voyeur is a great book too. :)

    Jaci Burton is good too.

    Christine Warren started out at Ellora's Cave and went mainstream, but Demon You Know still has one of the hottest love scenes EVER and it's just good ol' fashioned sex. No back-door action or anything. :)

    I prefer books with hot sex that actually have a story behind them. I think that's one reason why erotica/erotic romance doesn't always work for me. The focus is almost always fully on the sex and then the romance comes second.

    Romance usually isn't like that. :)

  12. How about Charlene Teglia or Eden Bradley? and thanks! for the additional names/authors to check out.

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