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Friday, October 17, 2008:
Winner: birthday contest #1
Wow, I'm impressed by those who were fearless enough to take this on! And thank you all kindly for the birthday wishes. I've had an absolutely blast celebrating, and having the contests. Jules & Kati, you two cracked me up. Working together, you come up with one complete brain! LOL. Just kidding, my lovelies. You also have your looks *g* So, without further ado...

The $10 Target card goes to....using to select a winner (thanx to Christine for the idea)

Dev, I believe I have your addy, so I'll get that out soon to ya. Thank you for playing, and just so you know, you are a very good friend!

And the actual answers:

1. I have 2 favorite romance authors. One writes contemporaries & historicals, the other writes contemporary and romantic suspense. Who are they?

Lisa Kleypas & Suzanne Brockmann

2. What is the first adult romance I ever read and who wrote it?

"Burning Obsession" by Carole Mortimer

3. How old am I going to be on my birthday tomorrow?

37 (oh and thanx to those who aged me before my time *g*)

4. What is my all-time favorite movie? (hint: it's from the 50's)

"East of Eden" with James Dean & Julie Harris ("Lili" was a great guess)

5. What reader/writer event have I attended for the last 4 years?

Lori Foster's/Dianne Castell's June get-together in Cincy

6. What is my favorite flower?

Lilac (hence the picture at the top of the original post) LOL Kati!

7. Who is my favorite cover model?

Why, Nathan Kamp, of course!

8. What movie did I see in 2008 that I absolutely hated?

"Indiana Jones & theKingdom of the Crystal Skull"

9. What nationality am I? (and I have been to the Mother country)


10. Who is my favorite "smart" hottie? (I have met him)

Josh Bernstein - cute, cute, CUTE

Check back later today for more winners!

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  1. I just to say in my defense that I originally guessed 33 on age, and Julie was all, "Oh no, I'm sure she'd appreciate it, but I think she's more YOUR age." Which is why I went 38.

    Sorry love, it's just that I'm such a jealous wench, I needed to make you as old as me.

    love you Jules

  2. I could be wrong but I don't think that was a compliment to us, Kati. ;p
    I guess I better re-read my copy of "Everything I ever wanted to know about Stacy but were afraid to ask" book.

  3. Thanks Stacy! Okay, I feel bad for aging you before your time now..but in my defense, I was only off 1 or 2 years :D

  4. Congrats, Vonna! =)

    And you're welcome for the idea. Apparently I didn't link you to the one that is fixed to put my name first. LOL J/k.

  5. oops! I meant Devonna. Sorry! :)

  6. Congrats, Dev!!!

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