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Thursday, February 08, 2007:
Love is in the air...
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...and at the blogs. It's that time of year when red and pink pretty much take over and (some) people get that soft, glazed look in their eyes...though that could be the effects of their cold medicine, seeing as how February is freakin' cold and some of us (me) are running around with no gloves or hat to ward off the (brrr!) chill.
Anyhow, I digress, and want to show some love to those of you who visit my blog cuz I've been neglecting my little place on earth lately. It wasn't entirely my fault, but the point is, Stacy's been M.I.A. and it shows. It's time to get with the blogging program.
So, the first order of business will be a "Show Me the Love" contest in which I will give the random winner a $10 gift certificate to Borders or Barnes & Noble bookstore. Or if you live outside the U.S. and you win, I will send you a copy of one of my favorite romances: "Something Wonderful" by Judith McNaught, one of my all-time favorite authors.
All you have to do is tell me what your definition of "romantic" is: a love letter penned by your honey; a dozen red roses; a warm car in the morning; breakfast in bed, whatever. Or it could be defined in more general terms instead of specific examples. I'm just curious as to what you think is romantic. And feel free to share what your favorite romantic movie is - I love to watch a good romance and am always looking for good suggestions.
***Contest ends Sunday, February 11th @ noon CST. Good luck!***

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  1. I'll give ya a story of something my hubby did that I think is romantic. I mentioned one time that I wondered why women loved getting roses because all they do is die. It didn't make sense but we all love them as did I. Well months passed when valentines day comes he gave me a rose plated in gold so that I would have a rose that never died!! I thought it was sooo romantic because months after the conversation he actually remembered what I said and put real thought into the gift.

    Oh yea, I tagged ya too. Check out my blog.

  2. What I think is romantic is when my husband surprises me on an ordinary day with a card or flowers or a note in my purse. It means more to me then than on a holiday like Valentine's day.
    My favorite romantic movies are Dirty Dancing and While You Were Sleeping.

  3. I love the little things that my hubby does. He will buy me some of my favorite ice cream if he is doing the grocery shopping that week. He wrote me a poem before while he watched me sleep. He will rub my feet when I have had a rough day. He just makes me feel so special and loved.
    My favorite romantic movies at the moment are the Princess Bride and Hitch.

  4. I'm not entering, since this is my first time here. I popped over from Jill's.

    Romantic? My grandfather in the 30s who road 75 miles on the sideboard of a car in the pouring rain so he could get home to spend their anniversary with his wife. (He was out of town working - had worked Fourth of July so he could take this day off - yes, one day)

    Movie? Crystal said it - While You Were Sleeping.

    Have a great day. And put that hat and gloves on.

  5. My husband and I lived 1600 miles apart for two years when we were engaged. We wrote all manner of mushy love letters during that time.

    We've been married nearly 19 years and not too long ago we got those letters out and read them again. It was very romantic to me to see the young love we had for each other and to think about how that love has developed and matured over the last two decades. And reading those letters made us feel all warm and fuzzy (and stuff) toward each other. :o)

    I think romance is anything that shows the other person how you feel and that you want to make them happy. Like Kelley's gold plated rose or Crystal's notes or Kris's ice cream. It's the sweet stuff that makes you know you're special and thought of.

    As for favorite romantic movie - I'd have to say Remember Me at the moment. It changes with my mood. lol

  6. Hi Stace - Well, I'm absolutely a Valentine's grinch, but that totally has to do with being single, although even when I was married, I thought it was a pretty manufactured holiday. I think romance has to be an every day thing, not a once a year thing.

    You've heard this story before, but the most romantic thing I've ever witnessed was when I was in high school. Once, when I was a teenager, my mom had pneumonia, and was sleeping in the guest room so she wouldn't keep my dad awake with her coughing. I'd gone out for a date with my boyfriend. I came home to find my dad reading "Sonnets from the Portuguese" to my mother by candlelight. It was the most romantic thing I've ever witnessed.

    As for romantic movies, I'd go with "Pride and Prejudice" and "Return to Me" as the two that jump out immediately.

  7. My fiance once quit is very well-paid job in Paris to come and propose to me on Valentine's Day. It was the most romantic thing ever.

    My fave romance movie is Notting Hill

  8. I think that anything that's done to show a girl how much she is loved is romantic.

    My favourite romance movie would have to be The Notebook or Pride & Prejudice

  9. Simple gestures like holding the door for me or making me dinner is what I'd call romantic. Nothing OTT.
    And my favourite movie is Ghost

  10. I love when a man makes me dinner, with all the trimmings and then takes me dancing.

    My favourite romance movie is Pearl Harbour

  11. Love Actually is my fave romantic movie of the moment. And the Lake House :) And DH letting me stay in bed at the weekends when he gets up with the kids, and then making pancakes every Sunday, that is romance :)

  12. I love all these examples of romance. :o)

  13. What is romance its the notes he writes the roses and plants he brings me, holding hands cuddling up reading together all the little things he does to show me he cares

  14. I am with Jenster, i love to hear about all the little things that make me say AWWWW.

  15. Wow, these have been GREAT! Thanx everyone, for sharing. Some fabulously romantic moments. I'm so jealous LOL.

    Kelley: you already know you have a great guy. He keeps proving it.

    CrystalG: I agree - it means he's thinking about you when you least expect it. That's sooo sweet.

    KRis: You've got a keeper. What marvelous things he does for you.

    Bailey: thanx for stopping by. I love Jill's blog. And that is a great romantic moment. Thanx for sharing :)

    Jenster: amen. You said it perfectly. That's how love should me, imo. I'm so happy you have each other.

    MK: you and me both LOL. Well, I still love V-Day despite celebrating it solo. How can I not when I hear all these sweet experiences, including your parents'. Thanx for stopping by.

    Aisling: that is truly romantic. Sigh....

    Maria: well said. It could be different for everyone, and if the guy shows she's special because of what she enjoys, that means he's paying attention.

    Mary J: yes, the little things do mean a lot. And they take so little time, money or preparation.

    MD: now that sounds like a fun date :)

    Toni: yep, sleeping in is one of my favorite things, so kudos to your dh for letting you savor the mornings. You picked 2 of my favorite movies, too.

    Liz: yes, those are wonderful examples, and wayt to make you feel treasured.

    Okay, now to pick a winner....randomly of course...

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