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Wednesday, January 31, 2007:
Cold, ennui, books
Yeah I know I'm being whiny about the cold - I just hate it with a passion. You'd think having been born in northern Minnesota I'd have thicker skin, but I'm like Meg Ryan in "When Harry Met Sally"; I freeze when it's 72 degrees out. And what that does is encourage me to stay indoors when it's so freakin' cold. I don't even care what I look like when I go to work, as long as I'm warm. And it's rather cold in our building in some places, so that means heavy sweaters and drinking hot beverages all day long. Lotion is a definite must. Right now I'm trying to use up this stuff my boss gave me - cucumber melon. Not my favorite scent, but I hate to throw it out. Smelling like a fruity vegetable is not very appealing, but it's better than being a dried-up old prune. We must suffer for our beauty.
And I feel like one of those whiny kids that keeps moaning "I'm booored". Because I am very bored. The thing is, I don't want to shop, even for books, and I've got a gift certificate to Barnes and Noble just waiting to be used shamelessly. No movies appeal to me, I don't feel like going out to eat and I don't want to socialize. It's pathetic to be so uninterested in anything. I hate when I get in these moods. I can't really explain it because nothing's wrong. Work is just fine, and hopefully going to be a bit more challenging in the next few months. My family and friends are all good, and we all seem to be getting along. What gives?
Maybe it's cuz I'm not crushing on anybody. Having that feeling of anticipation about seeing a certain guy, whether it's at work, at an event, or somewhere else, just seems to add sparkle to my day, and right now, I'm missing the sparkle. That's just plain crazy because there are other more significant reasons I should be looking forward to doing something, but that's just the kinda superficial person I am. Please tell me I'm not the only one LOL.
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Reading-wise, my mood has been downgraded to "eh". I've had Shannon McKenna's books in my tbr pile for way over a year, and finally I grabbed the first one, "Behind Closed Doors". I've heard amazing things about her writing, and about how ultra hot they are. True, this one is sizzling, and I bet if I would have read it years ago when it first came out I would have felt scorched by the love scenes, but having read several Ellora's Cave books, I wasn't fazed much by them. And I'm not sure if I liked the characters all that much either. Seth wavered between stalker tendencies, dominantly sexual control, and fear of anything overtly emotional. Raine initially came across as a wispy marshmellow unable to stand up on her own two feet. There were glimpses of blazing fire, but then she'd change back into a puddle of scared goo. The thing is, there were moments of complete originality in the relationship that tried to rise through the murkiness, but sometimes they didn't quite make it. It was a good story, not one that set my heart racing or anything. Like I said, I'm bored.
What do you do to get past the boredom stage?
How do you feel about the cold - love it or hate it?
Got big plans for the weekend?

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  1. Ah Stacy, you're in could you possibly be expected to enjoy the cold, when you live in a place where cold=wind blasting...and people run from their car to their buildings, as if they're running a race?

    Actually, I don't like the cold either....I also...don't like it when the temp. reaches 90 degrees or above. I'm an equal opportunity whiner when it comes to temps.

    I'm sorry you're experiencing bottom of the barrel boredom. I hate it when it happens. I have no answer to how to get out of it. I'm an avid reader and love movies...but, when the boredom hits, I could pick up a book by one of my favorite authors and not get through it.

    But, see above weather reference paragraphs...if I were to venture a guess, I'd say when the sun shines on you, your boredom will dissipate. Good luck!

  2. I hate being cold. I feel your pain.

    I have tons of weekend plans. Just blogged about them as a matter of fact, LOL.

    I like Shannon Mckenna, but I wasn't really fond of Seths book. I like the next two though. They were good. I have to really fall in love with the heros and Seth didn't do it for me.

    As for boredom. I have no idea. Sorry girl. I did a chat today about my story in the Studs Anthology. That was pretty fun.

  3. Stacy, I just came home from Chicago. I was there for the week. I totally forgot that you're there! Anyway, It is freakin' cold! Sheesh! The 5 block walk from my hotel to my meetings all week was... brisk? LOL. But I even managed to venture out into the cold a couple evenings to walk to dinner and shop. I was so proud. How do you do it every winter? I'll take my 45-60 degree winters here in SoCal and whine about that, thank you very much!

  4. I don't mind the cold too much, which is funny when you consider I grew up at the beach. I've been waiting for winter here in PA and the snow we've gotten isn't enough to do anything with. I'd rather have either no snow or enough to sled.

  5. Hey Vickie, thanx for stopping by. It's 1 degree!

    Kelley, I'm glad you're having fun! I'm not bored anymore. I read 2 more of McKenna's, and they were good. I have the 4th, and I think the 5th one was recently released.

    Lori, LOL, I have no clue how I go through this every year. I hope you enjoyed your stay. I do love Chicago, just not this time of year.

    Hey jen, you are a trooper. I don't mind sledding, or snowmobiling. I just hate these dangerously cold temps.

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