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Tuesday, January 23, 2007:
Show your love for the troops...
Photobucket - Video and Image Hosting sending Valentines :)
Here is a small request on behalf of author Lori Foster: if you would like to send Valentine cards and or packages, here is a list of soldiers to choose from. Feel free to pick a name or names and do what you would like. So far, 5 schools in Ohio are planning on sending out cards. Packages are not necessary; that is only if you want to (check out Lori's site for more info). The cards would be nice, or maybe you have kids who want to make them a valentine. Just imagine the smiles on their faces to know that someone is thinking of them.
***Postage for cards is the same as domestic mail: $0.39 for 1 oounce, $0.63 for 2 ounces***
The following will be the same address:
C-CO 5-20 IN 1-14 CAV
3-2 SBCT
APO,AE 09361
Mike Monaghan
John Sutherland
Larry Gorton
Brian Williams
Scott Wildman
Arlo Winter
Jason Waller
Cameron Evans
Nick Renard
Theron Cameron
Sione Palauni
Derrick Imbrunone
Tony Sims
Jeremiah Hochstedler
Brendan Holaway
Rich Rochelle
Jack Ratliff
Marvin Sanjurjo
Matt Young
Jon Hammond
John Roth
Jon Plumb
Wilmar Fernandez
Mark Jones
Rob Snead
Theodore Craig
Carlos Cisneros
Austin Childers
James Ayala
Ryan Dabel
Brian Youngblood
Nathan Scott
Kyle Packard
Viktor Tsuban
Courtland Winterbowen
Travis Delaney
Andy Monroe
Juan Lewis
Joe Kocer
Jorge Baeza
Drake Williams Jr
B-CO 2/3 INF A-CO 2-12 2-1 ID 1st CAV
FOB Stryker Unit 43312
APO,AE 09322 APO, AE 09344
Erik Osterman
Kevin Hutcheson
C-CO TF Blue Spaders HHC 5-20 IN BN 3-2SBCT
APO,AE 09390 APO,AE 09378
Tonya Osterman
Billy Smith
TF 1-77 APO,AE 09366 APO,AE 09396
Scott Dale
Jalal Hockett
B-CO 321st EN BN B-CO 321st EN BN
APO,AE 09396 APO,AE 09396
Robert McCarroll FC3
Bianca Garcia
372nd MP VN USS Halsey DDG97
APO,AP 09349 FPO AP 96667
Liz Wages
Terry Wages
CSCT #2 Unit 15700
Box 241
APO,AP 96218
So come on, show some love :)

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  1. Great idea!!!!!!!!

  2. I love this idea. Thanks for posting it.

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