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Thursday, January 11, 2007:
I know, I know, I've been gone for a little while and without any explanation, but as I responded in the last post, my computer has been possessed and the exorcism is not yet complete. I'm hoping everything will be working and I can catch up this weekend and "visit" everyone. I miss you guys!
I promise to post about Josh Bernstein's booksigning, as well as some other stuff. So, what have you guys been up to? Any good books lately? Share, share!



  1. JOSH BERNSTEIN??? Did I hear Josh Bernstein??!! case you haven't figured it out, I have a SMALL thing for Josh Bernstein. I will be eagerly awaiting, but not patiently, to read about your encounter with him. So are his teeth really that white in person??

  2. Yep Jodi, you read that right. I got to meet him, and yes, his teeth really are that white, and he's even CUTER in person ;)

  3. Oh wow you got to meet Josh Bernstein? How cool...did you get his number? hehe.

    Nothing has been up with me, just trucking along but we did get David Beckham to move to L.A. YAHOOOO for me! ;)

    Miss you around the blogosphere, can't wait til you're back in about your computer problems! =)

  4. Hope your computer is better soon. The new year is starting off pretty good- I think. LOL

  5. Sorry you're having puter issues, babe. Hope they get cleared up soon. We've missed you in blogland. :)

  6. Hope your computer starts working for ya soon!! I'd go crazy without mine.

  7. *sigh* And I'm not even sure who Josh Bernstein is!!! So I'll be waiting to read your report.
    As for good books - I'm trying to get as many in before I vote at AAR so I'm just finishing up Maureen McKade's A Reason to Live. It's a wonderful book!!! Worth all the praise it got.

  8. Hey Stacy!

    I just finished Hero Worship by new author Dawn Calvert -- sort of a combo time-travel/paranormal (the heroine ends up in the historical romance novel she's reading, trying to wrest the hero from the clutches of the woman the author thinks he should be with). Lots of fun!

    And I know this is too late for your neck of the woods, but I just found out Josh Bernstein is on the Daily Show tonight. Hope you can catch in in reruns tomorrow!


  9. Hi Stacy,
    I'm sorry you're having some computer issues. That's always a pain in the butt. :| But I hope to see ya posting again verra soon!

    As for myself, not much over here. I was sick last week, so I'm trying to catch up on blogs now.

  10. hope to see you back soon!!!!

  11. Spill it woman! I wanna hear about Josh Bernstein. :(

  12. Thanx y'all for your patience, and for posting while I've been M.I.A. You guys rock :)

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