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Tuesday, December 19, 2006:
Reading, shopping, and what-not
Gosh, it feels like I've been gone forever, or at least a very, very long time. The holiday parties are in full swing, with flowing wine and gifts, gifts, gifts. I told myself I was going to be so good this year and cut back on all the gift-giving...ha! I walked into the mall last night and ended up buying gifts for 11 more people! I hit 8 stores in 3 hours, severely depleted my checking account, and I have to blame it on the rumballs. My lovely and awesome pal Diana made me a batch (threw in extra rum by request) and I was under the influence of those wicked little zingers without even realizing it. I have been seduced by commericalism, and really cute gifts at Victoria's Secret and Bath & Body Works. They saw me coming and rolled out the red carpet.
Of course no shopping excursion would be complete without at least buying one thing for myself, so I did just that, getting the collection of Victoria's fragrances - Desire, Rapture, Seduction...I sense a theme here. I usually don't wear perfume, with the exception of Belara, because most scents don't smell the same on me. I turn them into poison. But it's the holidays, so I'm in denial. I also picked up some books this week, and I got one that a lot of people have been raving about...."Lord of Scoundrels".
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I started it and have gotten to the part where Jessica and Dain first meet, and wow, I am blown away by how quickly this story pulled me in and held my attention. If I didn't need my job to pay for my book habit, I would have stayed home today and reveled in this gem. Thank you, dear readers, for being so vocal about a fabulous story. When I saw that it was published in '94, it made me feel a little nostalgic for the good, old days. Where have all the good stories gone?
Previous to this I was re-reading JR Ward's "Lover Awakened". I've forgiven her (some) for how close in comparison it is to Zarek's story by Sherrilyn Kenyon because I just love it so dang much. That kiss! Oh, now that was a scene. It was so sensual, so simple and perfect. I get butterflies just thinking about it.
So I'm going to leave you now and go back to reading. No questions, no profound statements, no contests today. Be safe, be happy, be inspired.

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  1. I still have shopping to do. NOt too much, but some. I've never read Wards books. I need to pick them up. Hope you got lots of reading done!

  2. I have shopping to do too, but then I usually wait til the last minute.

    Lord of Scoundrels was a lot of fun and cured my 'i'm about to give up on historicals' for a time!

    HA! I thought the same thing about Zarek and Zsadist! WAY too close for comfort. BUT I did like the LA.

  3. LoS is one of my favorties Stacy! I think Jessica is just priceless. Alot of people like Dain, but she's my favorite part of that book.

    I'm about to reread the entire BDB in preparation for Lover Awakened too. I'm now reading Jacob by Jacquelyn Frank (Michelle recommended it). It's fantastic. He's extremely alpha and all tortured and broody! Plus the sex is hot, hot, hot! I really recommend it!

  4. LoS is fabulous! There's a reason it's such a classic. :)

  5. Kelley & Zeek: Less than 5 days til Ho Ho, you know, that doesn't sound it used to LOL.

    MK & Jennie: Oh LoS is getting soooo good! Going to have to stop blog hopping and get down to some serious reading. I've definitely re-discovered historicals.

  6. Stacy, I'm the same way. I have a list of people to buy for, but when I get to the shopping centre I seem to find myself buying more than what's listed.

    I have yet to read LoS, but it's definitely at the top of my list of books to buy! I hope you enjoy the rest of it. :)

  7. Is LoS not the absolute bomb?! I literally had to put it down on about page 65 and start blogging about it. I think it warranted 2 posts while I was reading it. Lurrrved it!

    Have not read any of the Ward books, but I'm not a big vamp fan, so....

    Merry Christmas to you!

  8. ACK!!!! Lord of Scoundrels is haunting me at every turn!!! I have it in a box that we haven't been able to find since we moved. I'm starting to pout!!!

    LOVE rum balls. I could easily down a whole batch, rendering me a silly, giggly pile on the floor.

  9. I love, love, love LoS. It's one of the best books I've ever read ~ Jessica has got to be one of the top heroines ever written.

  10. Never read Loretta--but MUST!! Sounds great. Have a great Festive Season--I know you will :)

  11. I finished LoS and will have to blog about it - LOVED it. Like Devonna said, Jess is one of the best heroines I've ever read. Hard to believe it was written 12 years ago, or maybe not. I just know that I couldn't put it down and highly recommend it.

    Grace, thanx for stopping by. Yep, you gotta read it.

    Jenster, I'd give up and buy another copy LOL.

    Lori, I was tired of the vamps, but there's a lot of great stuff in the Brotherhood books that don't really center on that aspect. However I understand. I know the market has been saturated with the paranormals.

    Toni, yes, I think you need to read this one. And I sure will be enjoying the holidays, much like you.

    Happy holidays everyone!

  12. You let me know when you do the All 'Lord of Scoundrels' All Day blog, cause I'll be there, Stace.

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