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Saturday, December 02, 2006:
Vegas day 3...the end....
Alas, the end is very, very near. Time to head home, right as Vegas is going to start getting warmer. But isn't that always the case?
Again, got up early, headed out to eat (gosh, I love eating!) and had to stop at the slot machines one last time. I say I probably spent about $40 total gambling, just slots. I made about $10, so not too bad. Then I headed back up to my room to finish packing and to catch the shuttle. I love how easy it is to get around in Vegas, whether by tram, taxi, or shuttle. I can't wait to go back. Maybe I'll slip in a quick trip next year.
The word of the day: snow. Lots of it. My flight was for 12:35, but it was canceled, so I ended up on a plane that eventually left about 1 1/2 hours after my original flight. I wasn't going to complain because there's not a lot you can do when Mother Nature is on the warpath. I can't get over people who swear and yell because of the weather. Hello??? Blizzard, people. Do you really want to fly in those conditions? I know I don't. I'm already a nervous wreck.
What I was really dreading was coming home and having to dig my car out from under all that white stuff, then shovel the driveway when I got home. It was 8:30pm when I left O'Hare (after staring at that Starbucks in the baggage claim area for about 1/2 hour waiting for my bus) and yep, my car was covered. I wanted to cry, but frozen tears would not have helped the situation one bit. I dragged my suitcase over to the side of the car and got to work. It actually wasn't as bad as I'd expected. Getting home was easy; the roads were very clear. The driveway was not. I love snow plows, but not when they block the driveway with a huge pile of snow, which was already starting to freeze over, and not so easy to shovel. It took me about an hour to clear out a space big enough for my car because there was no way I was clearing out the whole driveway. Almost 2 days later, I'm still aching all over. (Note: it sucks getting older and not having a snowblower, or better yet, hot alpha male to shovel for me...sigh...). Gee, don't you just love winter????? (I ask myself why I think living here is so great...and the answer is that spring, summer and fall pretty much rock).
The only other thing I had to make sure I did was contact my mom (aka the old bat) to let her know I arrived home safe and sound. This is extremely detrimental because she has been known to call the police when I have not done so in a timely manner. Believe me, it is so not worth the grief. As long as she understands she might only get about 2 words out of me: "I'm home." Mission accomplished.
Yesterday (Saturday) was mostly a day of sleep and reading (more on that book in a later post). And in other news, I bought the 1st season of "Digging for the Truth", with Josh Bernstein, so I'm psyched about watching them. Since it's so freakin' cold outside today, I might just do that. Right now it's about 15 degrees with the sun shining. I'd rather have 64 degrees (like when I left on vacation!) and rain, I think. Cold is evil. So stay warm everyone. Read sexy books - they'll keep you hot!


  1. Yay you're back! As usual I'm so behind on my bloh hopping ut I'm catching up right now with your Vegas post.

    The Luxor was so cool! I's a pyramid! LOL.

    Welcome back!

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