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Saturday, November 25, 2006:
History buffs: I highly recommend....Josh Bernstein
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Hardcover: 208 pages
Publisher: Gotham (November 23, 2006)
Language: English
ISBN: 1592402771
Price: $27.50


From the Publisher
Josh Bernstein, host of The History Channel’s hit series Digging for The Truth, takesreaders beyond the cameras for an even closer look at his adventures through some of the most intriguing, remote, and physically challenging locations on the planet as he explores the world’s greatest ancient mysteries. No location is too dangerous, no terrain too rough, no culture too exotic for explorer and survival expert Josh Bernstein. With his unique hands-on approach, he travels the globe, seeking answers to some of the most enigmatic mysteries of the ancient world. Digging for the Truth shares Josh’s personal stories, journals, and insights, revealing the risks and dangers of what went on behind the scenes in shooting the show, and the fascinating details about what he uncovers along each adventure. Readers are right in the action as he:
• Discovers who built Egypt’s pyramids and learns what secrets may be buried below the Sphinx.
• Follows the trail of the Lost Ark of the Covenant to the remote monasteries and churches of Ethiopia.
• Explores the journey of a potential Lost Tribe of Israel and examines DNA evidence that could make or break their claim.
• Visits the ancient site of Stonehenge, witnesses a Druid ceremony, and learns what purpose the stone circles may have served.
• Sails a Viking ship on a quest to determine if the Vikings landed in the New World five hundred years before Columbus.
• Lives with a remote and mostly naked tribe in the Amazon to search for hidden cities and learn the fate of one of the world’s great explorers.Readers will have access to all the inside details that viewers never see—everything from food poisoning and spider bites to the logistical challenges of shooting in some of the most remote places on earth. Complete with four-color photographs, Digging for the Truth will appeal to fans of the show as well as armchair travel and adventure readers.

About the Author:Josh Bernstein is he president and CEO of BOSS, the Boulder Outdoor Survival School, the oldest and largest wilderness survival school in the world. Josh has appeared as an expert on survival and survival training on NBC News, ABC News, CBS News, National Geographic Television, and the Today show. Born and raised in New York City and educated at Cornell University, Josh has been featured in Men’s Vogue, The New York Times and dozens of adventure travel magazines. Josh is also a member of The Explorers Club and a professional photographer, with numerous published credits.
I've always had a bit of a passion for history, an unquenchable thirst to know more about how things came to be the way they are now, and why. Growing up, I was not raised with a lot of religion, so I don't really know a lot about the Bible, though I've skimmed through it a few times. That doesn't mean I'm not totally fascinated by religion and history and how it plays a role in the present. I grew up not always accepting things at face value, so I'm intrigued by people who search out answers to some of the unsolved mysteries that have been around for centuries.
I'm only on page 54, but so far I am loving this book. Yeah, I know, Josh is a hottie, but he also is incredibly smart and inquisitive, and knows how to tell a story that keeps the reader (and viewer) engaged in the action. He shares a lot of himself in this book; the way he grew up, how he became interested in history and the environment with his love of the outdoors, his own personal experiences throughout the various shoots he's done.
He makes it look so easy, yet sometimes he is in some very dangerous situations that are at times life-threatening, whether it's man or nature. And getting the "perfect shot" doesn't always happen the first time around. I think a lot of his success is because of the utmost respect he has for nature and the world and for the people and cultures who live in it. Josh is not about barging in and being aggressive in order to get his way; instead him and his crew get permission to visit some of the amazing places they talk about, and having a degree in anthropology and a considerable understanding of his subject matter is helpful in getting into places a lot of people will never ever see. He can relate to these people, and he has a great appreciation and desire for preserving history as well as exploring it. It really is fascinating stuff. I'm already looking forward to future books about this subject matter. History really can be fun.
Here's a brief little description about driving in Cairo (from "Digging for the Truth"):
"The lines painted on the road are completely ignored. And the honking! In the States, people honk their horns to say "Get out of the way!" or "Watch out!" Here in Cairo, it appears that drivers take the honk to a whole new level of artistic expression - an elaborate code that's a language in and of itself. Short beeps, I'm told, mean "Please let me in." Other honks mean "Move over", "Thank you", "Don't cross here", and so on. There's a code of staccato beeps that means "Hey there, how's it going?" Kind of an automotive pickup line. And another - a rapid succession of short beeps in a specific rhythm - is only used under the most dire circumstances. Basically, it means "Your mother is a whore," one of the worst insults you can give in Egypt. So the honking provides a constant din, inescapable as we travel and swerve our way through the streets of the city."
So go ahead, buy the book. True, it is a little pricey for only 208 pages. I would suggest getting it with a gift certificate. Oh, and btw, the first season of "Digging for the Truth" is on DVD. It would make a wonderful gift for someone, or even for yourself.

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