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Sunday, November 19, 2006:
The joy of Christmas cards
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One of my favorite things about the holidays is sending out Christmas cards. In fact, every year, it never fails that I buy 3 or 4 new sets of cards, even though at this point I'm probably set for life. And with technology so easy, I can just type up a bunch of labels in a hurry, slap them on the envelopes and voila! - my cards are ready to send. I usually don't include a newsletter cuz I don't really have a lot to say since I forget all the good stuff, but maybe this year I'll do one. We'll see. No promises. LOL. I figure I talk enough about myself here.
Anyway, I was thinking it might be fun to see if anyone who visits would like to do a Christmas card exchange...or Hannakuah or Kwaanza cards. I'm not picky. I figured I won't be getting 100 responses or even close to it, so I think it would be very managable. It would be cool to get cards from different parts of the world. Just a thought.
IF you are interested, you can send me your snail mail addy to by December 1st. (Note: Scamps & Vamps & Lori Fosters groups - I already have the list, so no need to post unless you aren't on that list)
Happy holidays!


  1. Christmas card list sounds fun, Stacy.

  2. I think we are on the same side of the world. I used to like Xmas cards but meh, I am so not into Xmas or any holidays these last few years.

  3. I'm horrible at this sort of exchange thing, so I'd hate to commit to this and then forget and then have you all hate me cause I forgot, which is most likely what's goign to happen. LOL...but I'm sure that christmas card giving is a good idea for those of you guys who will remember.

    I always SAY I'm goign to send out Christmas cards, but I always end up forgetting something and then by the time Christmas comes around, I still have everyone's cards still on my desk at home, LOL...I told you I was horrible! ;)

  4. No problem if you guyz don't wanna do it. I'm lucky cuz I don't have a lot of gifts to buy, so I love cards. Mostly receiving LOL.

    To those who have emailed and are interested, I've added you to the list.

  5. I love Christmas...Christmas Cards...Christmas gifts! Yep, I am pretty sold on the idea. I am e-mailing my address. :)

  6. Wow, thanx for the responses. I've gotten quite a few. Cool.

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