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Wednesday, November 08, 2006:
Romance by the Blog: Sabrina Jeffries
Sabrina Jeffries is blogging over at Michelle's place, "Romance by the Blog" today, so go check it out.
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I haven't read any of her books, but I do have a few of them in my TBR pile because they definitely sound like something I would like, just haven't gotten around to them yet. I need to be on a historical kick and right now I'm with the romantic suspense.
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I've heard nothing but good things about her books, and I know there are a few blogs out there that I visit fairly regularly where the bloggers really love her stuff.
Have you read anything by this author?
Recommend: Yes? No? Maybe?
If yes, favorite story by her?


  1. I haven't read anything by this author yet, but the books were recommended to me. I have Never Seduce a Scoundrel in my TBR. I hope to read it soon since a lot of people seem to really like her. :-)

  2. I have read a few by her and enjoyed them. A Notorious Love is probably my favorite.

  3. I have read her and she is good. I like her older books a lot. My favorite is the Lord trilogy - The Pirate Lord, The Forbidden Lord and The Dangerous Lord. Of those, I like the 2nd one the best.

    She's also a vocal advocate for autism research. Her son is autistic, and she has even written a fictional story about a family with an autistic child. She has a lot of information up on her web site.

  4. Thanx ladies, I'll definitely check these out. I'm feeling a historical mood coming on LOL.

  5. Never read her. Don't remember if I've heard of her. :-P

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