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Tuesday, November 07, 2006:
Hodge Podge
I didn't sleep well last night; lots of serious stuff on my mind that I really can't talk about; and the old brain is racing a mile a minute. I wish my body had so much energy LOL. So here's a few thoughts and questions on my mind today:
What is your greatest fear?
Mine would probably be drowning. I've covered the fear of flying, and speaking in public, and heights, but this is the biggie. I still fly, and I speak in public fairly frequently, and I will get up on the ladder and risk the dizzy spells. I swim, but I'm no Olympic fish, and getting caught under water is my biggest fear. I dont like to swim underwater at all. I prefer to lay on the deck or the beach and bask in the sun's rays, or maybe splash along the water's edge if I'm feeling particularly daring.
Questions, please....
A friend of mine has asked me to interview Stella Cameron (!), but I've only read one of her books, and need some good, specific questions about her stories. I've printed up some research to get the ideas flowing, but I do like to try to ask unusual questions. I have one or two based on what my friend has told me, but I know you guys out there are a creative bunch, so tell me what you'd like to know, maybe mention a favorite book. Sometimes this blog gig is just too surreal for words....
Must-have item?
What can you not live without? Your debit card? Ipod? Lip gloss? Moisturizer? Feel free to share any brand name product that makes your life worth living. I love me the debit card cuz it's so handy buying books if I don't have enough cash on me LOL. I must wear lipstick or color gloss cuz my lips get so dry but I need color to keep me from looking completely like Casper during the winter months. As long as the color looks good, brand name isn't a major deal. And I can't live without my Avon jewelry. I am the unofficial spokesperson for my rep - I get compliments all the time and it's inexpensive enough that if I happen to lose it (yeah, I'm irresponsible with my possessions - so?) then I'm not completely devastated, just irritated with myself.
Favorite fruit?
I'm soooo about nectarines right now. Not really sure why, cuz they're messy and I need about 100 napkins, but I just love 'em. I'm trying to eat somewhat healthy now that winter is here and I don't have as much energy when it starts getting dark, and I'd rather eat that exercise *g*
Americans: Don't forget to VOTE!


  1. Greatest fear: Funny, I just had a dream about this last night. It's heights. And this is recent too. But in my dream, I was on top of a mountain, and I couldn't get down. Terrifying.

    Can't help with the questions-never read that author.

    Must have item: Debit card. It's just so handy and I use it all the time. Maybe a bit too much? LOL

    Winter time-fave fruit is either a pomegranate or mandarins.

    And I really hate when I can't sleep because I'm thinking/worrying/stressing about stuff. Hate that. So, hope things work out and you can get some good sleep. :P

  2. Greatest fear--my kids dying in front of me and me being unable to prevent it.

    Stella--what is the most unusual way you've ever killed anyone? I like her books. Does she prefer writing contemps or historicals?

    Must have--keys. I can live without any other thing. And tea.

    Fruit--I'm a bad person I rarely eat enough fruit. Bananas is pretty much it and I'm a very bad person--I repeat. Bad person :)

    Hope you feel better soon Stacy.

  3. For myself, my greatest fear is also drowining. It freaks me out. The Perfect Storm was one of the scariest movies I've ever seen. I could hardly watch it. When I was young I would have dreams about drowning so I figure someone was trying to tell me something. I love the ocean and think its so beautiful. I'd love to go on a cruise one day but I honestly don't know if I could do it!

    I can't live without my debit card. Man, I'd go crazy. I never carry cash.

    I just bought a pomegrante the other day. I love those and you just reminded me I have it and need to eat it :)

  4. Greatest Fear - something happening to my kids.

    Must HAVE item - computer. For sure!

    Fruit - I love necturines. Can't find them in the store right now : (

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