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Sunday, November 05, 2006:
:I'll Be Seeing U" by Dianne Castell (2006)
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Paperback: 352 pages
Publisher: Brava (November 1, 2006)
Language: English
ISBN: 0758210078

Everyboy in Fallon's Landing remembers Quaid O'Fallon as the street-tough kid adopted by the tight-knit clan and made into one of their own. Quaid's spent the last few years working in the Coast Guard Search and Rescue in Alaska, but he's still got a hint of danger humming under the surface - and a heart fiercely loyal to the man who saved him, Rory O'Fallon. That's why he had to come back home. What he didn't expect is to run into the only person who's ever cracked his armor, Cynthia James. His attraction to the single mom has lasted years even though they're worlds apart. She loves New York; he loves the River. She's "Vogue"' he's "Field & Stream". She designs beautiful clothes; his job is fishing people out of dangerous waters. He may be a rough-and-tumble river man, but he's not about to let a second change at his dream woman get away....

Cynthia came home to Fallon's Landing in defeat after her smooth-talking husband ran her clothing business into the ground and left her with their son to raise. The last thing she needs is another man in her life, no matter how incredibly tempting he is. But Quaid's always been a fascination to her. She wondered what those strong arms would feel like wrapped around her, or what ways a man that bold might have of pleasing a woman. He's all wrong for her, but once she shuts out the rest of the world and tastes Quaid's hungry kisses, all she can think about is just how right she feels...

This is the third and final story in Dianne Castell's series about 3 brothers who find love and happiness in a small southern town called O'Fallon's Landing. Here we get to learn more about adopted brother Quaid and his love for an older woman with lots of baggage. She both infuriates him with her stubbornness and fascinates him with her snooty yet sexy ways.

Cynthia Landon is back in town, bringing her 8-year old son home to mama, only mama is not the affluent southern belle she once was, and home is not necessarily the immaculate mansion she grew up in. Instead, her family home is mortgaged and her mother is happy sipping the hard stuff instead of dealing with the financial woes her deceased husband has left her. Cynthia is determined to make a better life for her son, and she doesn't need a man to show her how it's done, no matter how tempting the man.

I loved this book and it finally pulled me from my reading slump - yay Dianne! If anyone has every talked to Dianne, they know she writes like she talks, so I got an extra kick out of the story. Her words are colorful and funny, and I found myself grinning if not actually laughing out loud several times. She's got quite a few interesting characters in this story - Grant, the "nuns", Preston aka Magnum - who keep the action lively and a bit campy. The mystery that's weaved throughout the trilogy is not a huge surprise, but it's a fun one, so while "I'll Be Seeing U" can stand alone, it's much more enjoyable read in order.

Quaid is one fine and sexy man, wanting to protect his family and those he loves most, yet he needs to learn that he doesn't owe anybody anything. They love him for who he is, and don't expect payback for being a part of the family. Once Quaid begins to realize this, he finally has a shot at the happiness he deserves.

Cynthia may come across as quite the snob, but she soon realizes that her attitude has to change if she is going to survive what her ex put her through, and she has her amazing son Lawrence to raise. Cynthia begins winning people over by being the type of woman to admire, not feel sorry for. It's not her fault she can't resist the irresistible Quaid. See, Cynthia deserves a good man like Quaid, and he deserves to be happy, too. Both love her son Lawrence, an incredible kid with a brain that won't quit, and all three make a true family.

What I loved about this book: the humor, the sense of family, the way good friends are loyal and there for you no matter what. It was a quick read, and I had trouble putting it down.

What I didn't love: the lack of romance - I really wish there was more interaction between Quaid and Cynthia. True, they had some of a history together, but there are also a lot of years between them when they lived far apart from each other, living their own lives. There are also several secondary stories going on, so it took away from the romance. That would be my one issue with the story.

Would I recommend it to others? Definitely. Like I mentioned, it got me out of my reading slump and I felt refreshed after reading so many serious and intense stories. The sex scenes are very hot but not extreme, which was also a nice change of pace. I love that there was humor even while they were making love; you can definitely feel that these two people belong together as the world ceases to exist when they are together. And that's why I read romance. Now hurry up Dianne - I need more stories!


  1. Oh I want this book so bad!! I loved the other O'fallon brothers.

    Great review as always, Stace.

  2. Thanks, Stacy, for the great review!!! So glad you like Quaid and Cynthia. And thanks, Kelley, for enjoying the O'Fallon guys as much as I do. :-)
    Hugs, Dianne

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