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Thursday, November 02, 2006:
The curse of the reading slump
What is going on? It seems like every book I pick up lately leaves me wanting more. Is it just me being too picky, or am I all burned out? Is romance dead?
I did read a Blaze by Alison Kent, "Infatuation" that sparked my interest, but then I finished it and now I feel lost, and not the Josh Holloway "Lost" either. I have some great books staring at me - Anne Stuart's "Black Ice" and "Cold As Ice", but I'm almost afraid to read them and then have nothing left to look forward to. Yeah, that's weird. But I've done that - get 3 or 4 books and save the best for last because I'm afraid to have the good times end.
Now I'm back to where I was before. "Meh" has become my new word, and I hate it. I'm not one who likes to rip books to shreds, so this mood of mine is killing me. Not every single book I pick up could be that boring and uninteresting, could it? So it has to be me. Right? RIGHT???
Then I've noticed in my blog-hopping that many other readers seem to be feeling the same way. Is it the approach of winter? Serious candy overload? Maybe it's the whole blog-hopping thing. I notice I spend more time on-line than I do reading, and that's gotta have a lot to do with it. I swear it's my newest guilty pleasure - visiting 10 to 15 a day! It's craziness.
I know I was just suffering from this malady not that long ago - August maybe? The never-ending reading slump.....
I'm just going to ask some random questions and see if that sparks any interest. Plus, inquiring minds always want to know....
Favorite Halloween candy?
Hottie du jour?
Newest favorite thing?
Favorite beverage?
You can answer any, all, none. Tell me to go to hell for being so boring and whiny. Vent! I know a lot's going on and people need to get it off their chests. Go ahead. Use me. I don't mind. LOL.
Now let's go forth and read - and enjoy it!


  1. Let's see - Favourite Halloween Candy. If I'm in the mood for slightly sour, then it would have to be Rockets.
    Hottie du Jour - now that's a tough one, but judging by the number of times I've watched The Outsider and how I simply can not miss The Nine, I'm thinking Tim Daly - for an older guy *shiver*
    Newest Favourite thing: my digital camera
    Favourite beverage: I don't drink it to often, it would be to easy, but coffee with nice drollop of Bailey's.
    As for the rash of reader slumps - I don't know what it is. I don't think it's a lack of good books. I'm just hoping it's a change of season and new shows on TV. And finding more and more blogs to read on the internet :)

  2. Favourite candy-reece's pieces.
    Hottie Du Jour-Channing Tatum or Eric Bana.
    Newest favourite thing-New cd I bought last night-The Fray (absolutely love "How to Save a Life")
    Favourite beverage: Cafe Mocha from Tim Hortons.

  3. I actually have a lot of great books on my TBR but it's just me. I can't concentrate on anything for more than 10 minutes. I can't even watch a movie! I honestly don't know what the hell is wrong with us. LMAO.

  4. Sometimes you just can't concentrate on a book and it sucks!! The best thing is to find a new author ala Suz Brockmann and read the whole backlist LOL.

  5. I hate reading slumps, I usually will then start four books of different genres and see which one grabs me.

    Fav Candy - anything chocolate

    Hottie Du Jour - Christian Bale at the moment

  6. Kristie: I love Tim Daly. He gives me shivers too. I love coffee & Baileys, and now the cold is making it almost necessary.

    Ames: I just love the Fray. I have that CD and it's in heavy rotation at work.

    Mailyn: that's it - 5 to 10 minute attention span. I can't even blame it on Daylight Savings Time cuz I've been suffering much longer.

    Toni, I adore Suz! Her books are some of my all-time favorites.

    Kris: There's just something about Christian, isn't there?

  7. I'm another slumper. I always assume it's just me. Some deep seated emotional problem I'm not even aware of. lol And I agree that the blog hopping doesn't help. As I'm surfing around I'm constantly thinking, "I could be reading".

    Favorite Halloween Candy - Peanut M&Ms

    Hottie du Jour - Adrian Paul (I know he's older, but then so am I!)

    Newest Favorite Thing - My fake iPod

    Favorite Beverage - Can I name two? Starbuck's White Chocolate Mocha for every day (though I don't have it every day.)

    Kahlua mudslide for the occasional festive libation.


  8. CHOCOLATE!!!! I've been eating my daughters chocolate like crazy. She isn't big on it so it works out!!

    I just started the Dark-Hunter series so I'm loving the books I'm reading right now. I can't believe I've never started them earlier.

  9. In my case, the slump is mostly me. It's very hard for me to focus for long periods of time. And like Mailyn, I can't sit through movies so reading a book? Forget it! Even the books everybody says is good I have trouble getting through. But, in general, I think when you read a lot, there are going to be periods when the reading is just not thriving. I think that’s just natural when you read all the time, ya know?

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