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Monday, October 23, 2006:
The Other Guy - please check this out
A friend sent this to me:
Greetings everyone:
Some of you I know really well . . . some of you I have met. . . and some of you I don't even know at all. Regardless, we are all one Army.
You may or may not have heard, that Cory Lidle, NY Yankee pitcher, died yesterday in a plane crash. It was a sad moment for Cory and his family and I would encourage you to keep them in your prayers. However, at the same time, there was another man on the plane.
The media never mentions his name and always calls him "The Other Guy" or "Another Passenger" or "Another Man". The truth of the matter is, whether you are a famous baseball player or not, one deserves the same support and prayer as anyone else.
I started a personal website at theotherguy. html. At that website there is a hit meter to keep track of how many people visited and prayed for "The Other Guy". The goal is to get 1 million people to visit and pray for The Other Guy and his family. 1 million seems like a high number, until you think about how many people live in the world and the USA. With all the people that we know from church or work and all the people that they know and so on . . . . we can certainly reach 1 million people. After several weeks of this, I will take the tally and send the number to the family of "The Other Guy".
Millions upon millions of people know about Cory, thanks to ESPN and the media. That is great and nothing is wrong with that . . . but let us not forget about The Other Guy. Once you visit the website you will see some ideas on how you can help reach that 1 million goal.
This is a HUGE project and I could use your help so just don't toss this to the side. Tell people at your headquarters, people at your corps or church, people at your school, kids in your youthgroup, people at other churches. I know that I send this email to a lot of people I don't know. I also know that getting an email like this can be a pain .. . . but in the spirit of prayer I do ask that you put that aside and help in this mission. Would it not be a great Christian witness to tell a family that 1 million people prayed for them?Thanks everyone for doing this.
Chuck Rowe
Program Director
Camp Allegheny
The Salvation Army
424 3rd AvePittsburgh, PA 15219
The Other Guy's name is Tyler Stanger. He was 29 yrs old with one child,and one on the way. Mr. Stanger was Cory Lidle's pilot instructor.


  1. That's so great of you! I also think that the media needs to be more sensitive when something like this happens. We are all sad that the famous guy is dead but there are also other people that count just as much.

    Great idea!

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