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Thursday, October 19, 2006:
Nathan Kamp: between the pages of a catalog...
Okay, most of you already know I'm kinda obsessive over a few things. Well, I need a vice, people. I don't smoke, I hardly drink, I'm relatively sane and drama-free, even my chocolate and caffeine addictions are under control and at the safest of levels, so there needs to be a few things that get me all googly and stupid.
Here is one of them: my Nathan fixation. What can I say; this one flips my switch. Hate me, call me crazy, think I'm weird, but I love me my Nathan. He's Kampalicious. (And yeah, I'm so not the coolest for saying as such, but he's my boy, and no one has ever, to the best of my knowledge, accused me of being cool. But I have rocked, so I can live with that).
What's yours?
Who's yours?


  1. LOL I think he's hot too. But I love me some Eric Bana. :P Among others (like Hugh Jackman and Channing Tatum).

  2. Ooooooo...he is likey!

    We all know Josh Bernstein is my go-to-hottie when I am fantasizing of a hero!

  3. Ooh girl, if you're crazy then I'm INSANE! Because I obsess over LOADS of guys, David Beckham, Wentworth Miller, Channing Tatum, Paul Walker, Chad Michael Murray (for his character on One Tree Hill, Lucas) and so many other guys that I'm forgetting right now it's not even funny. haha.

  4. LOL, Stace!! That is too funny. Don't 'cha wish you at the receiving end of that football and that he would then tackle you?
    Or is that just me? :P

    I can't say that I *obsess* about anyone in particular. But I do enjoy a good ogle of any nice looking, well shaped male specimen. :o)

  5. Hey, Nathan is obsession worthy lol!I obsess over Hugh Jackman, Colin Farrell, Paul Walker, Gerard Butler, ...but I digress. See, at least you can narrow it down to one lol!

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