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Wednesday, October 18, 2006:
What's in your wallet?
Or more specifically, your checkbook. Now I know in this day and age, many of us, including myself, hardly ever write checks anymore. What with ACH and automatic payments and all that electronic stuff, why bother? But sometimes you need to write out an actual check, like for birthdays or if you owe someone money, so they still do come in handy.
So what check style do you have? I used to have airplanes, but I'm a sucker for baby animals, so that's what I have now - cute, fluffy little puppies. I love animals, especially dogs, so this is rather fitting. I smile everytime I look at them because they're so cute.
What about you - what type of checks do you have? Do they reflect a part of your personality or were they just the cheapest you could find? If you could choose absolutely anything in the world, what type of checks do you think you would get?
I think I would go for my favorite singers, probably country: Garth Brooks, Keith Urban, Tim McGraw, Faith Hill, Jimmy Wayne. Or stars, cuz I just love stars. But that's just me. Now it's your turn. I wanna know.


  1. I have horses on my checks right now. I love horses.
    If I could have any, I would go for monkeys (although I have never seen this option!) or NASCAR checks.

  2. My checks (I use these for my daughter's school stuff) are just the standard ones from my bank. Nothing fancy, just like me! I'm very casual!!! haha.

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