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Sunday, October 08, 2006:
Just curious....
I won a copy of Alison Kent's "Complete Idiot's Guide to Writing Erotic Romance" and as I was thumbing through it, I started to imagine.....
Like most other readers, I've had dreams since I was in the single digits to write stories. I used to sit at my grandparents' house and tinker away on their typewriter, creating pages and pages of characters, and coming up with story ideas. I'd get as far as chapter one and then lose steam.
It was years before I started up again - there was a "dark" period when I wrote lots of violent, morbid and bizarre poetry - and it started the same way: create the story idea, then come up with a whole busload of characters, start writing the story, then bam - I'd hit the wall. The inspiration was gone. I ran out of story. Or interest. It just wasn't in me to write. And that became the conclusion. I was not meant to be a writer. I'm not going to lie and say I don't have the time, because any "real" writer will tell you that you make time, no matter what. I just don't have the discipline. I may try again, but I think I'd miss out on so many great books, you know, the ones I don't write.
Now the internet is an amazing place, and I've met authors, aspiring writers, and readers, and there is such enthusiasm out there. There are also more opportunities than ever before on getting published. That can be a good and a bad thing, I think. I think it's wonderful that there are avenues for people who truly want to write, but my concern is the quality. I think it's more or less because just about anyone could become published these days on their own.
I know there are also many amazingly talented people out there as well, so I don't want to discourage anyone from following their dreams, but I've read some excerpts at different websites that made me cringe in fear. Most of it is the really erotic stuff, and no, it wasn't that erotic to me.
If you are a reader, have you ever wanted or even attempted to write? What, if anything, has stopped you?
Feel free to share your successes as well.
If you are an author, other than writing your brains out, what would be some other advice? Classes? Joining and attending RWA meetings? Reading books on writing? And what about grammar, and the proper way to write a sentence? Feel free to share your insights.
I'm a reader who loves the industry. I enjoy discovering new authors and exploring the various genres that are out there, and I admire those who take on the challenges of writing. Maybe someday I will have my own story to tell.


  1. I've always had story ideas running around in my head too. I never thought I would do anything with them - they just kind of stayed in my mind getting more and more detailed. I had no idea how to start putting them on paper though. Then just very recently I signed up for a creative writing course. I'm really enjoying it! I don't know if I ever will start writing a book - but I've made a beginning.

  2. I've always started but ran out steam quickly. Big Momma still gets after me to complete this story I started as a kid. I've thrown out the story long ago, but the idea remains. LOL I just don't think I could tell an interesting story.

  3. I'm a reader that also wants to write.
    I've got two chapters done in one story and four in another.

    I joined a Online Crit group, but it is in England. THey've been really supportive. I was challenged to rewrite Cinderella as a mean nasty bitch. I couldn't do it since the story I was using for my inspiration was from one of my kids' books. She was TSTL and needed so much help, I just decided to give her a spine.
    I got lots of awesome feedback, one of which said that I had an excellent understanding of the English language (typos notwithstanding, LOL)

    I felt pretty darned good about it all.
    BUT, like you, I lost steam. Mostly because I started a new PT job and after 6 1/2 years at a SAHMom, it's using my brain in a whole new ADULT way. I'm fried at night with no energy to focus on writing.
    I am hoping once a routine is established, I can get back into it because I love my story and I want to finish it, even if it never sees the light of day.

    "What's it about?" you might ask ... the first is alien vampires and the second is wererabbits. I keep wanting to make them into suspenseful romance but I just can't see myself writing erotic parts with any seriousness. I giggle too much as I'm thinkin' as I'm writing...this is seventh grade body humor jokes - get a grip.

    So maybe I'll just do the creepy stuff. Always had a knack for that.

  4. Great topic, Stacy! Like most avid romance readers, I have notions of writing a book. I can't imagine anyone who reads *not* having a tale or two roaming around in their mind! I don't actually see it happening though, due to the current lack of time, and most importantly, the lack of talent!

  5. There are some wonderful online critique groups you can join. I joined two and learned a lot. Just make sure you're compatible with the people in the group. Also in choosing an only critique group, make sure they interested in the same genre you are. For instance, if you want to write erotic romance, don't join a group in which most members feel uncomfortable critiquing that subgenre.

    There are also groups dedicated to help beginners. They have chats, workshops, and more. Do a search on Yahoogroups. I like Romance Divas.

    As for RWA, if you live close to a group affiliate to them, then go for it and joined. However, if you're like me and live too far from a RWA group and can't attend their Nationals, then paying $75 for a montly magazine is quite a steep price. If you can afford it, then by all means. Otherwise, it's a waste of money that you could use to pay things like mortage, bills, etc.

  6. I am a great reader of romance, but have never had the inclination to write. I just feel I don't have that kind of talent. Although I can't say the same thing for my daughter, so where she gets her talent from is beyond me........LOL

  7. I love to read romance, but my abilities do not lie in writing. But if you have things running around in your head, write them down!!

  8. Hey i can't see any of what you wrote in this post, the sidebar's in the I'll come back and get the readin'!

  9. Oh just color me dumb, I figured out what was wrong with the blog...and now that I've read your blog entry, I am a reader who used to write, not so much anymore, I just like to write stories that make me happy, I don't want to be published, but I do like to write when the mood strikes, too bad the mood doesn't strike all that often. haha.

  10. Great answers, and yes, it does appear most of us have thought of it at one time or another.

    Dee, I was trying to post some pix and I was having issues, so I deleted it...I'm working on posting it another way.

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