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Saturday, September 30, 2006:
Daily blog fix
I am still caught up in my blog addiction, though I notice lately I haven't been on-line as much as I used to be. I guess that's a good thing, cuz I'm getting out of the house and enjoying the last few nice weeks before fall takes claim and darkens our doorsteps.
Anywayz, here are some of the blogs I love to visit just about daily, in no particular order (well, pretty much): - This is romance columnist Michelle Buonfiglio's on-line home for readers and writers. I love it because Michelle is a strong advocate of romance novels, plus she's smart, fun, and loves to chat about the hotties, too. It's great fun to have a chat about our favorite sexy movies and some of our personal experiences, and I've made a lot of great friends there. Visitors are intelligent, down-to-earth woman who know their worth and are generous with their support and opinions. This place is one of the most empowering blogs out there, yet while it's a place that celebrates womanhood and those books we love so much, it's also a lot of fun there too. And some of the coolest topics and authors can be found there. - Jill is hilarious. She has the incredible gift of telling a fabulous and funny story in just a few paragraphs. Usually they revolve around cookies, or creepy crawlies. But they never hesitate to bring a smile to my face, and I love the small glimpses into her world. And she blogs almost daily, which I love. - This is a blog of 4 friends who blog about books, t.v., friendship, and whatever else catches their fancy. I like them because even though they are very honest in their opinions, they are also not mean or spiteful, and they are very welcoming of new visitors. These guys are really cool, and I enjoy visiting their blog a lot - makes me feel like part of the "in" crowd. - I am a huge fan of the Brava line, and here you'll find a bunch of great authors sharing stories about their books and their lives. It reminds me of the Vamps and Scamps blog, another one of my favorites. - Mailyn is one-of-a-kind. I love visiting her blog because you never know what it's going to look like next. She is a creative person who gets this code stuff, plus she's come up with new blog designs for many of her friends - she is rather cool that way. She's also one of those people who pretty much says what she thinks, and I like that about her. I never think of her as mean though, just passionate, and she's a loyal friend to those she cares about - you'll see that when you visit her. A tough chick with a big heart. (Oh, I hope she doesn't slam me for that description, cuz it's true, Mailyn... or Dirk ;) ) - Kelley's heartfelt blog is one of those "feel good" places I need to visit from time to time. Whether she's talking about her writing and all she's learning in the process, or proudly talking about her little girl and hubby or describing the antics of new kittys, Kelley's blog is a welcoming home that makes everyone feel like a friend. Her enthusiasm and friendship is contagious. It definitely puts a smile on my face.
There are more, but these are the ones that I've been crazy about lately. I get a lot of ideas and inspiration and good advice and laughs from these places. Fun times.
What about you - what are some of your favorite blogs, and why?


  1. There are some really fun blogs listed here. Thanks for visting Heartfelt. I'm so glad you enjoy it.

  2. Hey, we made the cut! Thanks I'm so glad that you like visiting our blog, we like including everyone, because we know how it is to be newbies...=)

    You're more than welcome anytime you want to come on over and visit sweets! =)

    Some of my favorite blogs are: Yours (because I love the songs you have on here), Zeek's Page, Ames page, Mailyn of course, The Daily Poison, The Daily Fix, ummm, and a bunch of others, I really like everyones blogs, for different reasons, there's always something good out there in blogland...

  3. Aww! How cool that we made your list. It's funny, because you always have such cool stuff over here that visiting YOU makes ME feel like part of the in crowd. LOL

    Hmm, I visit all kinds of blog daily:

    Dear Author
    The Good, The Bad and The Unread
    Good Reads
    Zeek's Page
    Is That A Stake In Your Pocket
    Book Minx
    Thrifty Reader

    Well, pretty much every blog on my sidebar. There are some I forget to check EVERY day, but yeah, that's where you'll find me most days. LOL

  4. LOL Holly - I have you all fooled. I think I need to think about updating, just cuz I get bored easily, but I am clueless with the template stuff. Gemmak went gray after what I put her through...

  5. I'd offer to help with the template and what-not, but I'm totally clueless. I call Dylan and Isabel my "Blogger Assistants" and whenever I need something tweaked I ask them to do it. LOL I'm terrible, I know. But really, it's their fault for giving in to me, right?


  6. Yeay!!! We made it!!! lol. Okay now both Dylan and Holly posted here but didn't say I the only one that noticed? There are five of us, not four. lol.


    Love your blog too Stacy!!! I love to many to list, I may have to blog about this too. lol....

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