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Monday, September 25, 2006:
We have a winner! Oh and please speak up!
The winner of Jane Porter's "Flirting with Forty" is Holly! Send me your snail mail addy and I'll pop that in the mail sometime this week...or next at the latest. My schedule's a bit crazy, but I'll get that out a.s.a.p. Thanx Holly for visiting :)
I loved the answers everyone gave to the question. Just a reminder that yes, everyone, including authors and those who live outside the U.S., is eligible to participate. I still have 2 more interviews lined up, and that means more giveaways!
I am currently working on other interviews, and was wondering - any interview requests? Please feel free to give feedback. And if I end up getting that interview, I'll give away a book to you from that author. So speak up!
In other news, remember my whining? Yeah, yeah, I want to forget about that too; not my best moment. Anywayz, I just found out that I might be going back to my old office! I am so absolutely thrilled! Just in time for my birthday next month....yep, doing the little snoopy happy dance.....


  1. Well, congratulations Holly! I hope you enjoy it.

    Me ~ I knew I didn't have a snowball's chance in _ _ _ _. Put me in a contest with someone who hasn't entered, chances are I'll still lose. But it's fun trying anyhow :-)

  2. Don't give up Devonna. I used to feel the same way...then about 2 weeks ago I won 3 contests LOL. I actually felt guilt over it. But my advice - keep playing :)

  3. YAY!! I hope you get to go back to your old office. I know how much you miss it! Keep us posted.

    Congrats to Holly for winning.

    Have you interviewed Erin Mccarthy yet? I love her books and would love to read an interview with her.

  4. Awww~ Thanks! I'm so excited that I won. I swear, I never win! LOL

    I emailed you back, too.

    Hmm, as for interviews, Erin McCarthy would be good bout, Maria V. Synder? Poison Study rocked and I can't wait for Magic Study. :)

  5. OH, and I forgot to tell you....

    WOOHOO on the office. ;)

  6. Never heard of Maria, but I will investigate, Holly. Thanx. I love finding new authors, so I'll write her name down. And congrats on the win :)

  7. Ah, hope you get the old office!!!

  8. Or Rosemary Laurey. I love her vamp books.

  9. Holly Congratulations on the win........

    Yeah!! Stacy on maybe going back to your old office. I really hope it works out for you.

    As for interviews maybe Lucy Monroe or Brenda Novak......there are so many.........or one of the Plotmonkeys............LOL

  10. Thanks everyone! :)

    I just reviewed Poison Study by Maria V. Snyder on our site if you're interested.

  11. Yeah one of the Plot Monkeys would be fun.

  12. Ugh! I guess congrats to Holly! LOL...I'm uber jealous.

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