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Saturday, September 09, 2006:
Blog highlight: Vamps and Scamps
One of the first blogs I actively started posting at was one who had a lot of authors I love: Erin McCarthy, Shiloh Walker, LuAnn McLane, to name a few. I got to know them at the Yahoo group, ScampsVampsandSpicyRomance. Later, the lot of them created the Vamps & Scamps blog.
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Why do I enjoy this blog? Because like I mentioned, there are quite a few awesome authors who belong to it, and also because it's a fun place with a lot of positive and sexy attitude. Topics range from books to pets to what's sexy, and it's about friends and enjoying each other's company. I visit quite a few blogs, but this is the one I always come back to because I consider the authors and a lot of the posters to be friends. Strange, isn't it, to consider an author to be a friend, but the internet is an amazing place, and it lead to several meetings and get-togethers with said authors, so I feel comfortable making that claim. They are some amazing people, let me tell you.
Another reason why I enjoy it is because there seems to be a lot of negative energy out there, not just on the internet but out in the real world as well. Personal stuff, drama at work, and tragedies in other states and other countries. That can be so draining. And really, really boring. I like having a safe haven to hang out at where you can forget all the crap and the superficial people and the whining and know you're hanging with people who share a lot of the same experiences and who love to do a lot of cool stuff. They also band together to support some important causes, and that's one of my passions. Plus, these ladies can be a little bit naughty, and we love to talk about our favorite eye candy, so it's all good. There are some things you just never get tired of talking about.
So if you're up to it, go check it out. And if you need further encouragement, occasionally the authors have some real cool contests. Books are involved.
What are some of your favorite blogs? Why do you enjoy visiting them?


  1. I have gotten so I venture to a few other blogs now. I go to Jill Shalvis blog, because she is such a sweetie, and it is always good for a laugh.

    I also go to the Plotmonkeys blog, because I like the Authors there.

    There are others I go to as well, yours, Scamps and Vamps, Lauries, Kelley's just to name a few. Sometimes I don't post but it doesn't mean I haven't been.


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