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Sunday, September 03, 2006:
**J R Ward blogging with Michelle Buonfiglio**
It's finally here. Well, almost. The much-awaited 3rd story in the Black Dagger Brotherhood, "Lover Awakened", is going to be released this Tuesday, September 5th (though some of you lucky ducks might already have it - I hate you! LOL).
In honor of this big event, Michelle Buonfiglio will be having J.R. Ward as the ultra-special guest blogger tomorrow, live from 5 - 7pm EST. So come chat tomorrow @
Don't miss out on the fun!
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  1. I lost interest in this character and the series. I'm waiting for Phury's book to see if I like it again.

  2. Cool. Amazon just emailed me to tell me the book has shipped! But yeah, I'm also waiting on Phury's book. That's the one I want to read the most. :-)

  3. Hey Mailyn, no love for Z? Is he too much like Zarek or is there another reason? Just curious.

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