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Tuesday, August 29, 2006:
Blue collar vs. white collar - you decide
With all this talk of alpha males in romances and how women prefer them to the more sensitive betas, I can't help but think about another type of guy comparison: blue collar vs. white collar.
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I grew up in a blue collar area. My dad still works for the mines, and most of my relatives and friends grew up the same way. I was surrounded by men who wore jeans, t-shirts, and most of them wear ball caps. Some of them had even the tiniest traces of grease under the fingernails, and you would think I was tired of that kind of guy and would want someone more refined, classier even. But you know what? I've always preferred those blue collar men. There's just something about a guy wearing jeans that show off his cute butt that flips my switch, not to mention I absolutely love a guy who works with his hands, someone who does all that physical labor stuff. And if he rides a motorcycle or can fix cars, hey, that's even better. That comes across as so masculine, so capable, and you know, a little grease never hurt anyone, as far as I'm concerned.
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Now this is my kinda bad boy! Doesn't he just make your imagination go wild? Or is that just me???
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An all-American hero.... yee haw!
Not that there's anything wrong with a white collar guy, a man who looks classy and dignified can be pretty damn sexy, too. A man who looks like he'd take you to the nicest restaurants, go to the opera and hang out in the hottest nightclubs - that's the life for some women, and I'm sure it's just fine. A girl's gotta be seen, right? And why not with this guy?
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I know most of us would take a combination of both: the executive who makes deals in the boardroom and then comes home and fires up the grill with a beer in his hand. But if I had to make a choice, I still like my blue collar hottie, and don't much care if he looks good in a tux. However I won't be complaining if he cleans up this well *g*
A lot of women go for the guy in uniform, but I'm more about the messy, tousled look. I've never found the clean-cut look to be very appealing, but that's what makes it interesting. Then there's the whole metrosexual thing, but to me, that's too prissy. I like a scruffy man, one who doesn't look like he's afraid to get a little (or a lot) dirty. I don't want a man who looks or smells prettier than me.
So what's your preference? And why would that be? Don't be shy.... ;)


  1. I prefer a rough-tough-dirt-under-the-fingernails-just-came-in-off-the-range type guy.
    The white collar guy has his uses, as you pointed out. But I don't want to feel like I have to be careful not to wrinkle his shirt or accidental get make up on him if I want a hug. I don't want to tip toe around a guy for fear of messing his hair or smudging him. That's why the rough and able guy is what sets my heart a flutter.

  2. Amen Julie, I am so with you on that ;)

  3. I am definitely a blue collar lover! Speaking from my experience, the white collar types can be stuffy with a tendency toward self-importance. With the blue collar guys, what you see is usually what you get, and I like that. I was raised in a blue collar home/neighborhood and maybe that's why I'm most comfortable with that type. And, hey, their laundry is easier to deal with -- no ironing.

  4. Blue collar baby! Love the rough, hard-working man. Beard stubble and all. Yummy.

  5. Blue collar worker does it for me as well. I like the guys that do things and not afraid to get sweaty and dirty. They can get cleaned up pretty good and that is great for me. I come from a blue collar family, and even married one, that might have something to do with it. But for me it is blue collar all the way.

  6. Wow! Nothing against any of the types if they look like that! LOL.

  7. Give me a blue collar hero any day. I much prefer a hero who works with his hands and isn't afraid to get dirty. They are just all around better to have around 'cause they know how to fix things. Unfortunatley I don't think there are enough of them in romance novels *sigh*

  8. Okay I am the same as you really! I grew up with my dad working two manual labor jobs, he came home sweaty and dirty. Now I'm married and my husband hates to do manual labor. Well acually that's not true, he loves to get dirty and fix the car, fix the house, and all that. But he likes his desk job, he's a supervisor and says he couldn't handle it if he had to go work manual labor for someone and be told what to do. Not his thing. But every once in awhile I tell him "can't you go get dirty before you come home???" lol. But I do find all men of differant working classes sexy in their own way. Even some metro guys. But I do preferr some hair on my men. All that shaving??? Umm, no. Well at least I want hair on his legs, cheast and face (sometimes). But down below.....*g* well I'll leave that to your imagination. haha.

  9. Um-where did you get the cowboy? Can I steal him? LOL! No seriously I collect them...

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