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Monday, August 21, 2006:
Suz Brockmann wants you to help save a SEAL
Not only do I love Suz's writing, but I also love her support of our troops. Regardless of anyone's political feelings, I don't think anyone can deny that helping others is an admirable thing to do.
This time around, one of those men needs our help. His name is Justin, and he's a Navy SEAL. Justin was diagnosed June 2 with acute lymphocyte leukemia, a fast-growing cancer that destroys the platelets and red and white blood cells. Without appropriate treatment, patients often die within months of the onset of the illness. Chemotherapy and radiation are usually the first line of defense. His best chance of survival is a bone marrow transplant.
Here's how you can help: you can take the swab test to see if you are a donor match. Other ways to help are to assist with a donor drive (held at each location Suz is having a booksigning) or to make a monetary donation. Here is a link for that. For more information, you can visit for the latest updates.
To read more about Justin, you can click here and to find out more about being a donor, click here.
And please don't miss Suz at Michelle Buonfiglio's Romance by the Blog on August 31st where she will be talking more about Justin and this very important cause.
Please feel free to spread the word. It takes so little to do soooo much. Thank you.


  1. Hi, Stace: Suzanne Brockmann is doing a terrific thing helping Justin, and you're terrific for helping her. I want to thank you for letting your bloggers know about Suzanne's upcoming GuestBlog on Romance: By the Blog, where you reign as one of our favorite Bellas.

    I got interested in Suzanne's work to help Justing through her publicist, who couldn't possibly have known I spent a couple years working to raise awareness of the need for organ donors.

    As someone with a kidney transplant, I'm aware every day of my good fortune and health, yet aware there are hundreds of thousands of folks waiting for organ and marrow transplants.

    I'm happy to give Suzanne my little forum to spread the word.

    Thanks again, Stacy! See, we always knew something good would come out of our lovin us some military heroes. :)


  2. WOW. What a really special thing for her to do. It touches my heart when people care so much. I'll check out the site!

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