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Tuesday, August 15, 2006:
Do Not Disturb ~
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I unashamedly admit that I worship at the alter that is Suz, and today was a fantabulously brilliant and sparkling day in my little place on earth. After being told yesterday by a Borders representative that they had the book but were not allowed to open the box until today, I could feel the withdrawal began to reach new levels of deprivation, and it was not pretty. Let's just say French Vanilla Cappuccino and Cajun chicken pasta are not a healthy combination and leave it at that. My stomach is still protesting....
But today, oh yes today, I scored my copy on my lunch hour and am now gazing at it adoringly just so that I could tell you that I have it, I am going to read it, so have a great night. I know I will - with a hot Navy SEAL *g*


  1. LOL Stacy you crack me up. I have to admit though I got my copy of that book yesterday too...although I probably won't read it until the weekend...I had to have a copy yesterday though.

    I blogged about think kind of buying last week...guess Suz would be on your list of authors you are standing in line to buy.

    Enjoy Into The Storm.

  2. I got my copy yesterday too, but I'm on business travel next week, so I've literally taped up the B&N bag and am not going to open it until I'm in Indianapolis!

  3. Stacy enjoy your night with your "Seal"..........LOL I love all her books........

  4. I got it today and I am starting it tonight. I cannot wait. Yeah, I am soooooooo excited.

  5. Wana hear a secret? I haven't read one of her book yet. I know I know! I can't believe it either. I've been planning to but I havent yet!

  6. LOL. I try. I'm glad I make people laugh...even when I don't try. Suz's books are definitely one of my major obsessions, and I know I go overboard, but I love her! Yep Barb, I would definitely stand in line for a SB book.

    I'll let you in on a little secret: I never thought much of Jenk before this book. Now I'm in love. I so want a Navy SEAL - LOl.

    Kelley, I hope Suz's books won't intimidate you with their content. She's pretty graphic, and there's a lot about war and terrorism and stuff. That's why I love the books, because she holds nothing back. It can be harsh and brutal and devastating, but also honest and intense and really beautiful. If you do ever read them, I hope you really enjoy them.

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