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Tuesday, August 08, 2006:
Blog song of the week (month?): Gary Allan
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Cowboys and tortured heroes, that is what some of my favorite music represents to me, and what connects to certain performers. Today I'm highlighting a favorite, Gary Allan, inspired by his song "Songs About Rain", which is what you are hearing now (at least until I change it) from his album "See If I Care". I just love this song, and the longing and sad acceptance of lost love. Gary is definitely a tortured hero, having experienced tragedy in his own life, and you can definitely hear it in his music.
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Of course there's a softer side to our hero, one who sings about being a dad and having his kids grow up in "Tough Little Boys". It's sweet and poignant, and captures those moments all parents go through as their little ones eventually becomes older and will someday move on to their own lives. And there's also the sexy side, days of staying in bed with "Nothing On But the Radio". I love days like those ;)
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Just look at that smile...and those tattoos. Definitely a bad boy. Yeah baby.
This album "Smoke Rings In The Dark" is what drew me to Gary Allan's music. Just listen to the title track. Unrequited love. Now that's some painful stuff. These are powerful lyrics, ones that grab at your heart.
Gary Allan goes on to prove he's an "Alright Guy" with the song "Man to Man", about a conversation with the jerk who is trying to get back the woman Gary is with. Come on, dude, no contest. Women want the attentive, sexy guy, not the cheating, lying dog. (At least the sane ones do).
He released a new album last October called "Tough All Over" which goes deeper into the pain the singer was going through at the time, after the suicide of his wife. No excuses, only real emotion and devastation. My heart goes out to him and his family. May his music live on...
This post is a small tribute to Gary Allan, for his loss, for his family, and most especially for his music, which had to have helped him get through one of the most difficult periods in his life. So, here's to the cowboys...
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Okay, I just like looking at his picture...nothing wrong with that.


  1. I love his smile, it is so cute.

  2. Stacy I love his music.....and think that he had to have been helped by his music through the dark periods........and his new album sure reflects that..

  3. I agree - love him.

    I saw a CMT segment on him a couple of years ago .. didn't know who he was before that .. and I immediately glommed all his music.

  4. His smile is great.

  5. Cool post on Gary. I love his music.

    This has nothing to do with the post but when you were at RWA did you meet Nora?

  6. What's with cowboy songs that have cool titles? *wg* Make great titles for romance novels.

  7. Yeah, he's sigh-worthy. I love those rugged, masculine types. Perfect for a romance hero, imo.

    Nope, sorry Barb, I didn't meet Nora. I just walked right past her, and she would pass by me & LadyB as we stalked, er, sat near the meeting rooms. I wish she would have worn her JD Robb clothes at least once when I saw her - those are my favorite books.

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