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Thursday, August 03, 2006:
RWA: Days 4 & 5...the end...
Okay, here is the last of it. Next year I think I'll write it down each day and then post...much easier...
Friday: Beth and I got up early to go check out the Georgia Aquarium. It was only 2 blocks away from our hotel, so it was a nice walk at 7:30am. We got our walk-up tickets and were ready to go by time the doors opened at 8am. The aquarium was clean and brightly colored, and even the mobs of kids couldn't aggravate me...too much. They were just too fascinated by all the amazing fish, the beluga whales, and the penguins. There were a few creepy crawlies, but I stayed far away from them. Far away. No need to get any closer...
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Okay, these guys are cute! A boy & girl sea otter kissing! Or biting...

We watched a scuba diver feed some of the fish, and certain starfish and other creatures were laid out in touch pools for visitors to get up close and personal with. Again, I didn't feel the need to investigate further.
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beluga whales Ralph & Norton hanging with friends....

Since we hadn't eaten, about 1/2 way through our self-guided tour, we stopped in their cafe area, where even at 9am in the morning, they were serving burgers, pizza and pasta dishes. I could have stayed there awhile. But the wonders of the sea were calling to me.

By the time we finished the tour, it was getting close to 11am, and we had plans to meet the Bookjunkys & Scamps for lunch. After a quick stop at the hotel, we walked up to the Marriott and did a little "observing". Finally our party was coming together, and we walked up the street to Gibney's. I was impressed how they handled the reservation for such a large party. It was like a lunch line, so the waiting was minimal and everyone had their food and drinks in no time at all. I ended up sitting next to aspiring writer and fellow bookjunky/scamp Jamie, which was a lot of fun. She made me jealous though when she talked about attending Suzanne Brockmann's pre-RWA event. I adore SB, and am sorry I didn't have my act together to participate. I know better next time...I hope there is a next time! Anyway, Jamie was sweet and fun, and I enjoyed hearing about her writing journey. You see, these blog entries are as good as it gets for me. I'm already sick of reading what I wrote *g* But to hear others talk with such excitement and enthusiasm is really contagious. Writing really is a craft, and a lot of people take it seriously. I wish her all the best, and hope one day to be holding her book in my hands.
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Lynda, Dianne Castell, and BadBarb on the way to the Scamps/Bookjunkys lunch

Lunch was a blast, but since it was RWA, a few of the authors had workshops to attend, so they couldn't stay too long. The rest of us stayed behind and got caught up, then headed back to the hotel since there were some events open to the public, such as the Blaze 5-year anniversary party. This is where I almost met Alison Kent....we talked but I never remember to introduce myself! So many of my favorite authors were there, and so were lots of free books. I also met Dee Tenorio who was given a stellar review by Karen Scott. She was very sweet, but again, I didn't introduce myself. I am anxious to read her story :)

As other signings were going on...signings in which you had to be registered to attend, Beth and I did our "stalking". Only it went unnoticed because our idea of stalking is sitting there exclaiming rather quietly "oh look there's Nora!" and "Isn't that Suz's friend Eric?" One of the highlights of the "stalking" experience was meeting MaryJanice Davidson. She was one of the last ones to leave the signing room - her line was one of the longest. MJD has some devoted fans, and I wanted to included! Wah! I almost missed it because I had to go the bathroom for the 500th time, but I did catch the tail end of her visit. I told her I had interviewed her for my blog, but I don't think she remembered me LOL. I still love her (though not as much as Mary F., to whom MJD wrote: "I'm avoiding you" in Mary's book). Lucky Beth got her picture taken with her, too. Oh, how unfair!
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MJD and LadyB *g*

Afterwards, a bunch of us went to Champion's for dinner, which was just okay. Our friend Mary F had her picture taken numerous times by Beth, and despite what Mary said, it was a montage of her, not a menage of her. It was so great to meet her.
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It's Mary!
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Mitch, Melissa (?), Anne-Marie, Heather, Jan, Mary!

Saturday: Our last day. Beth and I ate breakfast, and headed over to the bookstore one last time. Afterwards we sat with BadBarb at the Marriott, who tried to teach us the finer points of stalking. Let's just say, she's got plans for next year. Big plans...

My flight was leaving at 2-ish, so Beth brought me to the airport, which was freezing! My flight was a bit delayed, but it was a relief to finally be on our way. I got home to Chicago to hotter weather than Atlanta. Yeah, it was good to be home. Until next year...


  1. What a great wind up Stacy - thanks for sharing and for the pictures.........I love the way you write your blog........


  2. wow that was a nice time you had and OMG those otters are so cute! hehehe.

  3. Stacy--

    Have enjoyed reading about your RWA/Atlanta adventures. Sounds like you had a ball. Thanks for charing.

  4. sounds like you had a great time. Wish I could have gone. Hopefully will get to see your smiling face soon... Hugs

  5. Enjoyed seeing the pics!

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