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Sunday, July 23, 2006:
This and that, that and this....
I have a bunch of stuff I wanted to blog about, but just decided to cheat and throw it all together.
First, I was tagged! For the first time ever, by Sybil, so I guess I'll play:
1). When did you start blogging and why?
Well, I created my blog at the beginning of January, but prior to that, I would visit author blogs. My intention when I started this blog was to have a more modern type of diary, but since the internet is not a private place, I decided to just make it a place I could talk to myself about things I question, or things that interest me. I didn't really expect too many people to come here, and I'm glad it's a low-key place. This is never going to be a top place to visit, and that's just fine.
2). What don't you talk about?
Since I mentioned the internet was not a private place, I would say my personal relationships, sex life, etc. I'm just not someone who talks about that stuff with just anyone. I also don't mention specific problems about work, anything that could be monitored, though I can't access blogger, myspace, live journal from work - we're restricted, which is probably just as well.
3). Are you and your blogging persona the same person?
Mostly, sure. I'm pretty private, so that fits. I have my hot buttons, but it takes a lot to set me off. Life's too short to get crazy about everything, so I don't plan to have controversial topics here. I'd rather visit those places instead of living in one, where I can leave anytime LOL.
4). How do you use blogging to build friendships?
I don't really have a blog for that reason. Most of the people I'm friends with through the internet were people I met at Yahoo, where there is a lot more interaction, and most who I've met in person - those people are what I would call friends. But there have been exceptions - people who somehow get past my defenses and get to care about them.
5). How would you describe your writing style?
Rambling. No style. Just like how I talk. No rhyme or reason, just lots of words. Not a lot of profanity. But that's just me.
Okay, I'm gonna tag Kelley and Michelle B. and see if they respond :)
Erin McCarthy's "High Stakes"
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Lisa Kleypas' "Scandal In Spring"
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Sylvia Day's "Ask for It"
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Lucy Monroe is having a Blog Party! Visit her blog from Monday, July 24th - July 29th for your chance to win lots of prizes and have lots of fun!
Just because....*g*
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Geez, I just can't get that Justin Timberlake song "Sexy Back" out of my head...and I don't even like Justin Timberlake. Much. Okay, this song rocks. And he sings it. So maybe he's not so bad after all. And there's that part about shackles. He's my slave. Okay, not MY slave. But no one makes him feel that way. (Okay, now I'm sounding like Mailyn LOL. I have to stop saying "okay").
Before I head off to Atlanta on Tuesday, I'll have another book giveaway contest. Think baseball. Think heavenly beings. Think I'll save it for tomorrow ;)
'Nite, 'nite.


  1. Hey cool I was your first ;).

  2. Stacy, you are now *my* first tag ever:D I'll definitely post my responses in the next couple of days. I also plan to respond here to your Laptop vs. Desktop post when I am coherent enough to organize my thoughts. Hopefully that is sometime before you make your purchase LOL.

    Have fun at RWA!

  3. love your answers.

    Ask For It was good. I need to review it!

  4. HOW did you get music onto your blog!!!
    That is SO cool, I gotta know how this is an awesome additon.

    You have one of the funnest blogs...

  5. I can't wait to get Erin McCarthy's "High Stakes". *g*

  6. Yep Sybil, you popped my "tag cherry". Didn't feel a thing *g*

    Thanx Michelle - I'll check out your answer when I get back from ATL. I plan on posting one last time for my contest.

    Aw, Mailyn, you're killing me! I want AFI now LOL

    Michele, thanx. I try. The music thing is soooo easy. Are you familiar with the code stuff in your template? If you can figure that out, then you can add music.

  7. Tempest, I'm reading High Stakes now. I love Erin's work.

  8. I will respond for sure! I've never been tagged before. I'll post tomorrow.
    Pretty tricky with that contest. I was all excited only to find out I have to wait :)

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