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Saturday, July 22, 2006:
Laptop vs. Desktop?
I am not the most computer-savvy person out there, in fact, I figure I rank in the bottom half. So I am clueless when it comes to all this technology and the gadgets that go along with it, not to mention the programs and coding, but that's another world altogether. (Recently I've been asked to help someone do a project in Photoshop - I don't even have Photoshop on my laptop, and have no clue how to use it. Well, that'll teach me to say "yes" without finding out all the particulars *g*).
So my question is: what do you prefer to use, a laptop or the desktop, and why? What do you consider advantages to the system you use? I've had both, and for what I use it for, I didn't really see much of a difference, other than my laptop I can take with me...though I never do. Next year, I think I'll be in the market for a newer model, so I'm always curious to know what others recommend. Is it smart to have Photoshop on a laptop? Does it really make a difference?
People always say: it depends on what you're looking to do with it. Well, I use it mostly for internet access (email, blogging, Yahoo groups, etc) and now I'd like Photoshop, but do you think I need anything else? Oh, I've also been doing some proofreading for an author as well as one of my friend's papers who's taking a class, so I would like a program that offered me the ability to do tracking (?).
Any and all feedback is appreciated so I can start looking around and getting more of an idea of what I want to purchase. Maybe if you share what system you have and why you like it/don't like it, that will help me. Of course, there's always that risk of too much information, which will only confuse me, but I'll take that risk. For example, some people love Mac. I mean, they LOVE Mac. Why? I've never had one. What makes it better than a pc? Sorry, I'll stop asking questions, and let you respond (or not). Have a great day :)
I know for some, this is a boring topic, so I'll try to post something more fun later LOL.


  1. I've only had a PC so I can't weigh in on this sorry.
    Good questions.
    Good luck, Stacy!

  2. What a question! I found that I prefer laptops. I bought one my first year in college and with the exception of the desktop I built for a class, all my computers since have been laptops.

    I love being able to take it with me. I don't lug it around all that much, but it does go with me on most trips longer than 2 days. Sometimes even on shorter trips.

    I don't have the lightest, most portable laptop, because it has to function like a desktop sometimes, but I'm happy with it.

    I really loved it when I needed to use it last summer and my AC went out. I just packed it up and went to school where the AC was working:)

    As for Photoshop, I have Photoshop Elements on my laptop and it works fine. My only problem now is that I take so many photos and download so much music, my 60 GB hard drive is almost full! It always amazes me that no matter how big my hard drive, I always manage to fill it up LOL!

    For tracking, I think either Excel (spreadsheet) or Access (database) would work. They come in the Microsoft Office package though it can be a bit expensive. They don't generally come with the computer as a default, but sometimes you can add it on for less than buying it after the fact.

    On the PC vs Mac debate, hmmmm. I've used both, but I haven't used a Mac since college. They each have their own advantages. And even then, the lines are becoming more blurred. They've come out with a Mac that can run Windows now. And I heard a rumor that next, Macs will run Windows software without Windows!

    Many people say Macs are more user friendly, though I'm fine on either Mac or PC. Macs tend to have fewer virus issues though there is debate on whether it's because fewer people use them or because they are better equipped to handle attacks.

    Macs also (I think) have a better reputation when dealing with graphics.

    The big disadvantage to Macs and advantage to Windows so far is that there are many programs that will only run on Windows. Of course with the changes I've mentioned above, that may not be the case when you get your new computer, Stacy.

    Whew, I think that's more than enough to make your head swim LOL. I hope you have fun shopping for your new computer, Stacy!

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