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Monday, July 10, 2006:
What does YOUR name mean?
I had a few blog ideas for today but the internet is giving me grief - and a headache - so I'll do something simple and (hopefully) fun. I love stuff like this: meaning of names. So that is the question of the day: what does your name mean?
Stacy, or Stacey. Gender: Unisex. Comes from the name Anastasia. The origin of the name is Greek, and it means "resurrection".
Lynnette. Gender: Female. While doing recent research, this name came up as being Welsh (from Arthurian Legend) and while it doesn't give a definition, it mentions Lynette accompanied Sir Gareth on a knightly quest. I've also seen it described as the French word linnet, which means "small bird".
this one is a bonus. I'm not going to give you my last name, but I will tell you it's Swedish and means "alder branch".
Put it all together and I guess I'm a small bird that fell out of an alder tree to my death but came back to life...or I fell out of the tree (and hit my head) and now I believe I'm the reincarnated lady who accompanies a knight of the Round Table on some honorable mission. What do ya know.... it's my very own fairy tale.
Your turn....


  1. How funny, Stacy.

    My first and middle name are Latin and my last name is German.
    Julie - soft haired/youthful
    Rose - blossom
    last name means hope/ambition.

    Combined my name means soft haired, youthful blossom with hope and ambition.

    Who knew?

  2. my name is chinese. it was something about a flower...or a bell. I totaly forgot which it was. lol

  3. Funny!

    My first name: (Female - Welsh)White Wave, White Spirit

    Middle name: (Unisex -Celtic/Gaelic/English)
    Body of Water, cascade

    Last name: (English/Middle English)
    Gates, gatekeeper

    So I guess, if I put mine all together, then I am the gatekeeper of the gates surrounding a white body of water with waves....or I am the gate keeper for a white spirit that cascades....or I am a gatekeeper that became a white spirit when I fell into a body of water. LOL...This was fun.

  4. My name is Jennifer and all my life my friends knew the exact meaning of thier names like "God's with you" or Appointed by God" or even "Pain like Jabez name" but what on earth does White Wave or White Spirit mean. Maybe Powerful or Forceful...WHAT??? White Wave is not a meaning thats a description. Give me feedback on the meaning of White Wave or White Spirit. HELP!!!! Thanks

  5. That is CRAZYYYY I was trying to find the meaning of my name saw this link in goole ad then clicked on it. Then I was thinking how did this site know my MIDDLE name then I saw you were writing about your self. I KID YOU NOT my name is Stacy Lynette! WOW!

  6. Ha Ha hilarious!! My name is also Stacey!!!!:):):):)

  7. My name is Stacy Annette...I was going to be Tracy Ann, but while my mom was pregnant, neighbors moved in with a daughter that name...she was a brat! So, they changed it. Would I have been any different if they hadn't??...

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