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Friday, July 14, 2006:
What popular book or movie eludes you?
I have to thank Mailyn for the inspiration behind today's post. She made a comment about not liking Jane Austen's work. I found that rather interesting, though not shocking, because I am not a fan of certain literary classics, so it stands to reason that we're not the only ones that have either a strong dislike or a lack of understanding about a certain book or movie the general public adores. I will admit to not being the most intellectual person I know, and my interests are based on more superficial factors. Here are just a few of my selections:
There are a few that come to mind, but most notably is the book "Wuthering Heights" by Emily Bronte. One reason I dislike it so is that I read it for a book report in the 10th grade, and I hate reading for an assignment; I only like to read for pleasure. But still, years later I went back to the book and it's one of the few books that I would call a wall-banger. I disliked every single character. I wanted to smack Heathcliff for being so obsessively in love with a selfish woman who only loved herself. (Now this strikes me as being rather funny because all that passion and obsession is exactly what I was all about at the age of 16, yet the story was depressing, morbid, and unsympathetic). I disliked Cathy most of all for being so vain and shallow, and I was mad at her for dying because it seemed like the easy way out, whereas I figured Heathcliff should have died when he was a much younger man because really, what did he have to live for? Not that I wanted him to commit suicide, but maybe a quick, painless death would have been kinder. And while I disliked the book, I do have a rather strange fascination for a few of the movie adaptations of "Wuthering Heights", most notably the 1991 version with Ralph Fiennes and Juliette Binoche ("Chocolat"), and also the 1939 version with Laurence Olivier and Merle Oberon. I think I enjoyed each movie more for the attractiveness of the actors/actresses than for any actual enjoyment of either production. What? Me, superficial?
Another one? How about "Moulin Rouge". Hated it. The only redeeming quality about it was that I did enjoy listening to Nicole Kidman and Ewan MacGregor sing - they were not the problem. I found it loud, garish, boring, and just plain unenjoyable. I went with 4 other friends, and none of them liked it either. It was the closest I ever came to walking out of the theatre. Maybe I don't have much cultural taste, but I like what I like...or in this case, don't like what I don't like.
And lastly, I'm going to pick a t.v. show, or maybe a certain genre of television: reality t.v. "Survivor" to me was the biggest waste of airtime I can remember in a long time. One of my friends mentioned that the reason she enjoyed it so much was because it was a great study of human nature. I laughed at her because every moment was set up to be more than what it actually was. The participants didn't have to really worry about starving or survival of the fittest because they were, obviously, on television and I don't think the plan was to have any of them die (no matter how much the audience may have wished otherwise). Plus, circumstances were manipulated to ensure a more dramatic outcome. What's so realistic about that? It certainly wasn't compelling television. I think I would much rather watch golf on television than waste an hour of my life watching "reality t.v.". So not realistic.
So there are some examples of what I just don't get. I would love to hear what you have to add, including your reasons why you feel the way you do. Who knows, I just might have to agree with you *g* And I'm really not looking for just negative reactions - maybe you just don't understand why something is as popular as it is. (I never understood Tom Cruise's appeal, and now it seems like the rest of the world has caught on LOL).


  1. Ah! Thank you for not liking Survivor as well.
    I've never watched it...any of them. Nor Fear Factor, Great Race or any of those "reality" shows.

    As far as books. *sigh* Most of the classics I was forced to read in school, I now am totally disinterested in. Won't give them the time of day or night.
    Exception - Edgar Allan Poe, Homer, Shakespeare and Kurt Vonngegut Jr.

    Remember Ethan Frome? I hated, absolutely hated that story. Teacher spent three flippin days discussing that.
    It's like dissecting a fetal pig - afterwhile, all you see is parts and it ceases "being" a thing greater than its parts.

    Do teachers realize that the fall out from their intense and clinical autopsys is total unappreciation for those "famous" authors?
    Since leaving school, I've not read ANY stories by Hemmingway, Fitzgerald or Melvile.

    (except for my listed exceptions )

    Gee, can you tell it's a pet peeve of mine?

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