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Monday, July 17, 2006:
It's just...a little crush, or at least that's all it better be!
Jennifer Paige's song, the one currently playing on my blog, inspired this post today. It's about those crazy crushes that you can't exactly explain, but you have them just the same. Today I'm going to talk about celebrity crushes, only not your ordinary Johnny Depp-inspired crush. I'm going all-out bad boy.
Maybe it's because I'm the shy wallflower type. Sure, I can talk a good game while on-line, but in real life, unless you know me pretty well, I'm quiet. And for whatever reason, I've always been attracted to bad boys. Not so unusual; most of us are. But my bad boys are not just the ones that ride on motorcyles and wear tight jeans. I like 'em wild, kinda crazy, and maybe even a little scary. Unpredictable. I don't really understand it, but there is just something about certain guys that draws my attention like the proverbial moth to a flame.
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James Spader. (Not the current version). Ever since seeing him in "Pretty In Pink", trying to force Molly Ringwald to accept his attention instead of Andrew "Blaine" McCarthy, you knew he was nothing but trouble. He was the spoiled, rich kid, the one who was used to getting whatever he wanted, and nothing irritated him more than being rejected by someone he thought was beneath him, class-wise. But admit it. (Okay, okay, I will). He intrigued you. Hell, he definitely intrigued me. He might have been the the unremorseful bad guy, but oh, he was yummy. I would have traded Blaine in for a spin with him any day of the week. Like I said, totally crazy.
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Another one, only more of the violent variety with that temper of his. (Again, my choices are not based on any valid or acceptable reasoning. I just liked 'em). He is one of the leading bad boys of our generation, no doubt. From his fights with the media to the roles he chooses, Sean Penn is not about the warm fuzzies. But I gotta give the guy credit for sticking to his guns and selecting roles that challenge him, and for his involvement in many controversial causes. If he supports something, he gives it 150%. True, some of it may be self-serving, what with cameras following him around to view the devastation of Hurricane Katrina, but I didn't see Tom Cruise down there...did you?
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Okay, and probably the craziest of them all: Rob Zombie, former lead singer of White Zombie and current horror film director (plans on directing "Halloween"). This is actually one of his more normal looks, sans dreadlocks and combat boots. He loves those really awful "b" movies, those parodies of horror. Whatever, he doesn't seem to take himself too seriously, but there is something rather wicked about him. Do I understand the attraction? Not really. I can't even say that I'd get on the back of his motorcycle, but when he's on t.v. or the radio, I pay attention. And I'm not even embarrassed (too much) to admit I have him (?) as one of my friends at myspace, LOL.
Okay, not exactly the type of guy you'd bring home to mom. (Well, actually my mom would probably love each of these guys. She always had a soft spot for the rebel, since she is one herself). And for someone who's never really gotten into trouble, much, they all have their unique appeal. It might not make any sense, but these are some of the craziest celebrity crushes I've had over the years. Do you have any to add to the list? (Hey, if I'm willing to embarrass myself, so can you. Could they really be any worse than mine??? *g* )


  1. Ooooo crushes! I noticed the Jennifer Paige song when you added it; I love that song:)

    As for crushes, my celeb crushes are usually based on characters in movies or TV shows and they don't last long.

    Through high school and college I did some crazy things to get the attention of guys I had crushes on. I cannot believe some of the things I did LOL! I tended to be attracted to athletes; mostly guys totally out of reach. And I couldn't just go up and say "Hi!" Oh no, nothing that simple for me LOL.

    There was a basketball player I was crushing on in high school (he didn't even go to my school) and I went up to him after a game and gave him a rose and congratulated him on a great game. Nothing came of it though.

    And the even crazier thing is I didn't even know these guys LOL. I made up personalities for them in my day dreams and such.

    The most embarrassing part of my crushes is that my dad has a big mouth. He told a lady on the stair master next to him at the gym about the basketball player above and a few weeks later my dad came home with an "autographed" team picture. I was absolutely mortified! Of course that kinda cured me of the crush because along with the mortification, the guy spelled my name "Mashell" LOL!

    And my dad once blabbed about another crush to the crush's father-- 5 years after the whole thing took place! He was chatting with the guy at a track meet and just happened to mention I used to have a crush on his son:/

    Needless to say, I don't tell my dad much these days LOL!

    Whew, I really spilled my guts! Enough for now, anyway...

  2. oh I love Rob Zombie! ok, well, not in a I LOVE Rock type of way but his music rocks!

  3. James Spader, I dig.
    The others...nah. The last guy, never heard of him. Never heard of the singing group either. Must have something to do with having little ones and the thrill of watching the Wiggles,.... well.. wiggle. LOL

    I'd go for Robert Shaw - Bad Boy in 007
    Clint Eastwood - in those ol' spaghetti westersn..he was an anti-hero. Had to be bad to be good.

    Val Kilmer as the Ice Man in Top Gun - he has a great sneer.

    John ( can't remember proper spelling) Macinroe...his antics on the tennis court made it worth watching.

    Ever play spin-the-bottle with a bad boy?

  4. LOL do have a thing for bad boys, dontcha? I love it. You know I don't get crushes, but I do make up stories about bad boys...redeeming them with the perfect heroine. ;-) If one of my heroines gets named Stacy and she's matched with a bad boy, you'll know why. :)

  5. Oh Lucy, I can dream LOL. And I do.... ;)

    Wow, Michelle, you would tell your dad about your crushes?? I never did fact, I still don't. I'm gonna be married for years before I tell my parents *g*

    Mailyn, you are one cool chick. These are more or less my embarrassing bad boy crushes, not too serious, just kinda the hardcore ones. One day I'll post on some others, but not for awhile. Too many things to blog about....

    Michele, spin the bottle with a bad boy? No, I never did, but oh how I want to!

  6. LOL, Stacy. I didn't directly *tell* him; I'm just pretty obvious and no good at hiding my feelings. And as he was the only one who'd go to sports events with me, well he started to notice when I'd ask him to drive with me all over the county following a team other than my high school.

  7. I've never been too attracted to bad boys. There have been a few here and there. I was always to long time crush person. There was a boy I liked in middle school and part of high school before he moved. Then when he moved away I crushed on another boy for a few years as well. I always had a lot of friends that were boys but didnt date much. We were all too close of friends for that. They considered me one of the guys.

    My celebrity list is Jake Gylenhal (spelling) and Paul Walker. Yummy!

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