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Thursday, September 21, 2006:
"Flirting With Forty" could be yours....
I said I was going to have a contest and today's the day. Hmmm, so what kind of hoops should I have you jump through....nah, I won't be that mean. At least not today.
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Instead, I'll direct you to Jane's website, under where you "meet Jane", she mentions how she loves what Hawaii does for her soul. So I want to know:
~What place is good for your soul?~
It could be anywhere: in your backyard; half way across the world; in your imagination. Just a place where you feel at peace, a place that replenishs your own soul and gives you what you need, at least for a little while.
I'll pick the winner at noon on Monday, September 25th.
The prize: a copy of "Flirting With Forty"
Good luck!


  1. The place that is good for my soul is my favorite chair curled up with a good book. After a hard day, I can destress by escaping to another time and place.

  2. My good for my soul place is my deck that looks out into the woods. I could sit there and write all day long. Wait. I DO sit there and write all day long, lol!

  3. The place I feel safest and good for my soul is my dad's grave. I sit and talk to him for hours and it's the place I go when life gets to be too much. It's calming and comforting to me to spend time with him and I feel so much better when I leave than when I arrived.

  4. My is where I feel most comfortable and I am able to relax.

  5. The place I go to relax and sooth the sole is my computer. Just to excape my 'real' life and go into all of yours. To just laugh and play and pretend for a little while that everything else just doesn't exsist.

  6. Oddly enough for me it's not so much a place as what I'm doing. Like reading or working on my graphics. I can't just be somewhere and be at peace. I am too hyper. LOL.

  7. My good for my soul place is a good book. Its amazing the clearity, that can come from escaping into another life or another world.

  8. For me it's the beach. To stand in the surf, feeling my feet sink into the sand and the waves crash against my legs as I stare off into the endless horizon. Well, it reminds me that we're all just little specs in the grand scheme of things, and that God is so much bigger than we could ever even dream and that I shouldn't take life for granted, because it's precious.

    I feel the need for a weekend getaway now, thanks. LOL

  9. For me, the ocean has always been nurturing to my soul. There is nothing like watching my children run across the sand laughing and free. I love the water, so anywhere that I can be close to it feeds my soul.

  10. The place I like to escape to is into my room, with the phone turned to the answering machine and a good book.

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