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Monday, September 11, 2006:
A sad day can still be filled with miracles
I wasn't going to post anything today. Just didn't feel like it. But then I got some really fabulous news, and thought I'd share:
If you recall, Justin is a Navy SEAL who needs a bone marrow transplant. Looks like God decided to grant him the good news today of all days. Many blessings to Justin, his wife Suzanne and the rest of his family. This just warms my heart :)


  1. Oh, mega thanks, Stacy, for posting this wonderful news! Made the day a little brighter for me.


  2. That is great news. And I would have emailed you but there is no email address on your profile. Sooo here it is....more good won the free copy of Kelley's Dream Man. Wooo hoooo. Send us an email over on SF, so we can get your info and send it to you. Congrats.

  3. Oh Wow, Stacy I am so happy that they got a match for Justin.....and to even have a back up donor is nothing short of miracle........just gives you goosebumps...........


  4. Thank you for keeping us posted. What wonderful news.

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