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Sunday, September 17, 2006:
Responsiblities of a contest winner
Recently, like within the last two days, I've won two blog contests. Of course, I'm so excited that I won, and I can't wait to get my prizes, which are books. As a reader, I just can't get enough books!
But I'm curious though: am I being a prize hog? One contest I won for being the first to post on a topic, so I knew that I would get something. The other was a random drawing, which I have no control over. But I can't help feeling a little guilty. But why? Isn't that why a lot of us blog? I know it's part of the reason. Not the entire reason, but I like winning just like everyone else.
I guess part of what makes me feel better about writing is that I regularly post at both blogs. I check in a few times a week, at least (though I am a self-professed blog slut and in truth probably visit a lot more times than that).
I know there are some out there who only post when there's a contest. I know because it's happened here. Should I be upset by that? I don't know. I mean, the point is to bring people to my blog or to highlight a book/author and I'm enticing them by offering up a prize, so who am I to judge who enters? I don't exclude anyone from entering, regardless of where they are from, but sometimes I will make it so there's a little work involved to win the prize. I can be so mean LOL.
What are your thoughts on contests? What does it take to get you to enter them? Why won't you enter a certain contest?
What contests are your favorite?


  1. I've never entered a blog contest. I should! Free books? Sounds like fun. I usually drop a line and comment, because I always feel like a blog is a conversation ... the comments are more interesting to me than whatever I rattled on about that day!

  2. Stacy I wouldn't feel guilty if you have won on blog contests, it is the luck of the draw, and in the case of winning because you were the first to give your opinion on a subject, well that too is just luck. You should be happy with your wins and enjoy them without a guilty feeling.

    I love contest, but will only enter them if it something that I would really like to have. I have read a couple of contests on blogs, and not entered where all it would take is for me to post, because I didn't feel it fair to have my name put into a random draw for something that I might not like, for the sake of entering a contest.

    I like contests in general, it is always more of a challenge when there is questions that require answers or a little work involved. But I love just the ones where you post your opinion and you are entered in a chance to win. Sometimes, I am disqualified from entering because of the logistics of where I live, but that is just the breaks. Does it mean I won't post on those blogs, no I will post anyway, because I generally have an opinion. There have been times when I have had an opinion but have not posted for one reason or another.

    You have introduced me to some blogs that are fun to go to and I love what you do here at your own blog. I might not jump in with an answer but that doesn't mean I haven't read......LOL


  3. I wouldn't worry about winning so much lately on blog contests. It's the luck of the draw. I remember one week that I won 3 books during 3 different chats. Wow, just luck on my part. And I am not a chat slut. LOL

    I really don't even look at entering contests when I post on blogs. Whenever something comes up that merits a reply, I do it.

    Stacy, with your luck lately, maybe you better get out and buy a lottery ticket. :)

  4. Don't feel guilty, Stacy. The contests were there for someone to win them and you just happened to be the lucky person :)

    Most of the time I only enter contests on blogs I frequent. There have been times I enter random blog contests but that isn't on the regular.

    I'm with PattyF. You should play the lottery :)

  5. I don't recal entering blog contests. Then again, i don't recal entering many contests. I am just lazy. Can't be bothered because half the time you need to sign up for something somewhere even if it's just to comment. LOL.

    I guess the real reason is because I have yet to see something I'd truly love to have. Most contest don't appeal to me because the prize is something I don't care for. :-)

  6. Congrats on the booty, Stacy! Although I do think you are being a prize hog and should share with a friend. lol I enter some blog contests, if it's something that I would really like to win. I don't enter every contest out there just for the sake of winning something. I like contests where you are entered simply by replying - the luck of the draw. I do not like and never play the contests where you have to search an author's website (or several websites) for hidden pictures, etc. and never participate in those. I simply don't have the time. Or maybe I'm just too much of a slug.

  7. Hey Stacy--

    Congrats on your recent luck in the contests.

    No I don't hink you should feel guilty about winning...hey it's the luck of the draw.

    I have to admit that I am a contest slut myselt and enter many of courst I am also pretty lazy so I prefer the ones where you just send in your name or in bloggland post something in order to enter.

    The ones I don't enter are ones where I already have the book or prize or ones where the prize doesn't appeal to me. If it's a blog I sometimes still post if I want to comment but note not to enter me in the contest.

  8. Being one of the blogs you won a contest on...I can tell you not to feel guilty. Even if you'd only commented on our blog to win I wouldn't have minded.

    The idea is to promote a book/author, like you said, so there's no harm in that.

    I think I entered one blog contest (On Lucy Monroe's site, actually) and I won. LOL But I've not entered another one, mostly because I tend to forget to go back and check.

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