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Sunday, September 24, 2006:
Blog highlight: Plotmonkeys
The Plotmonkeys: here's another fave blog of mine, one that features 4 friends who are all published authors. Each of them have written for at least one Harlequin series and also have published single titles. They are, as follows:
I love how these ladies are good friends, and that they share writing ideas, and let us see into their lives. Plus every Friday is Jungle Madness day, where there is a contest. Gotta love that!
It really is a fun place to hang out, and to see into the day-to-day life of writers who have families and responsibilies and bad hair days just like the rest of us. They are very approachable, and appreciative of their fans. And they all love what they do. How many of us can say that? I enjoy hearing about the ordinary, and not so ordinary, life of a favorite romance writer.
Hope you decide to drop by and join in on the fun :)


  1. I just heard about this blog from Jazz. I'm definitely going to check it out.

    Good Pimp, Stacy!

  2. I love the Plotmonkey, they are great!!

  3. Yeah, I've had them linked for awhile now. Mostly cause I like Carly Phillips. But I have read a short story by JD and really liked it. They are funny if nothing else.

  4. I love the Plotmonkey blog, I make it there everyday - sometimes later than I would like - but always manage to make it........It is a terrific blog. And Stacy I have you to thank for leading me to the blog...........LOL

  5. I used to visit that blog all the time. I don't know why I havent been in a while. I'll have to head back.

  6. Hey, before I comment on the Plotmonkeys, I wanted to say that I LOVE your little video thing on your sidebar, that is too cool, so cool that I want it! ;) And I LOVE that song, I'm going to pimp your blog to Grace, because she loves that song too, she saw Nickelback a few months back and loved it!

    But anyway, yeah I love the Plotmonkeys, I don't visit their blog as often as I'd like but I think they're so cool!

  7. Stacy~ so sweet of you to mention our blog here! Hope everyone stops by for some jungle fun! I also wanted to mention that you (Stacy!) won my contest on Wednesday and haven't been back to claim your prize! Email me!

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