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Tuesday, October 03, 2006:
Hottie alert: Josh Bernstein
I shamelessly stole this idea from Jodi's blog. I've noticed this guy for awhile, having watched the History Channel from time to time, and he's definitely worthy of the attention. He hosts this show called "Digging for the Truth" and he looks like a young Indiana Jones, with the same sense of adventure.
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He graduated from Cornell University, majoring in anthropology and psychology. He went on to study other areas of interest as well, proving he is more than just a pretty face.
He has also been with BOSS - the Boulder Outdoor Survival School - for 17 years, and became the CEO/owner in 1997. Part of his philosophy is to teach people of the importance of making Earth-conscious decisions and honoring the ways of nature while living your day-to-day life.
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Here you can see how he concentrates while doing his job - it's obvious that paying attention and not letting other things distract you keep accidents from happening, and I can't help but notice that Josh looks particularly sexy in this picture, especially without that hat.
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Josh knows how to look relaxed. Again, I do like him without that hat. Jodi was right - he does have that romance hero quality, both as a historical or contemporary character. He could be your next door neighbor....
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....or the jet-setting tycoon. He cleans up pretty well....for the most part. I love the contrast of the dressed-up version mixed with the scruffy beard.
And for those not quite ready to say good-bye, go here for some interesting facts about Josh. Talk about sweet dreams.....


  1. SUCH a nice-looking boy! I look at him and want to gush like some older grandmother type.

    But really, Stace, props to you and Jodi for finding this guy. My son watches pretty much nothing but HC and Discovery, and you think he could have shared this with me? Josh here's got Mythbusters beat by a longshot.

    I like your comparison shots and descriptions, especially about his singular focus. Yes. I like me a man who's focused.


  2. Wow, that's a really nice looking man you found there sweets, very very nice...and a Cornell graduate as well?


  3. Oh Gosh!!!

    I thought it was just me thinking this is a hot guy !!

    ...and he happens to look so much like my doctor. It's a kind of weird/happy thing !!!

    I love "Digging for the Truth" !!!

    It's a great show...and it's always interesting.

    And I'm amazed that Josh always goes to places in the world that are kind of dangerous ! he's brave and hot !!!

    Yum !!!


  4. He is hot!! He could be Luciano too. He has the dark skin and the hair. Yummy.

  5. Michelle, you are nowhere near grandma status - and he's 35, so just perfect for you, except he's mine LOL. Don't I wish.

    Yep Dee, he's a smart dude. I love that.

    Sunny, I love having someone to gush with! Thanx for the NK link - you are so awesome!

    Yep, Kelley, I could definitely see him as Luciano. Hope he inspires your writing.

  6. Ooh, he's pretty. Can I have him for Christmas?


  7. Oh, my, Stacy, I'll have to add him to my hero inspiration file...

    Thanks so much for sharing!

  8. Yep, he's a hottie. I keep forgetting to check out his show, but I'm going to. :)

  9. I have always loved this guy!

  10. Ahhh *swoon* I tell ya, if I wasn't married and was even the least bit outdoorsy, I would hunt him down and badger him to death until he agreed to marry me!!

    Alas, though, I am married and do not have an outdoorsy bone in my body!

    Anyhoo, thanks for linking me - I LOVE IT!

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