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Tuesday, October 03, 2006:
Cover model turns goes commercial
I know there are just soooo many of you out there who were dying to know this, and I have Sunny to thank for sending me the link (thanx Sunny you rock!)
Here is Nathan in a Gillette commercial:
Helpful Hint: select option #3
Yes, Nathan is the romance cover model you see everywhere that either makes you want more....or less. Since I am in the "more" category, he gets another post here. Oh, for those of you who might not know who he is, you can check out some of my favorite NK covers, featured on the left sidebar for my personal enjoyment.
What about you: do you have a favorite cover model?


  1. OMG, Stace, that's so funny! He looks good, like he's gettin a little age on him. I can hardly wait to see what he looks like in ten years. Well, maybe that's cause I still feel guilty thinkin such a young guy is so hot. Of course, I hate worse the idea of being in my FIFTIES when he's just getting good.

    Ah, well.

  2. Yep, Sunny rocks!
    My fave cover model used to be John de Salvo before I switched to NK. lol.

  3. Is it a delight to feast upon one who warms you. You have chosen well.

  4. is like watching a cover come to life...LOL. I obviously have never seen a cover model in person.

  5. Oh Wow! Thank goodness for Freeze Frame!! Ooohlala!!

    Stacy, this was Awesome! I adore his lips ... he should insure them.
    *pitter patter*

    When he caught those fireballs... *groan* it was like seeing him as a Dark Hunter ... Can a just melt into a puddle now?

    Geesh, and I'm married .... fantasy dreams, here I come... *wink*

  6. His mouth alone is so decadent.



  7. AWWW !!! You all rock !!!

    I'm so glad I could find a link for the gillette ad.

    Mr. Kamp looks very sexy...he would make a great vampire in a film !!!

    Tall, dark & dangerous....just the kind of guy you couldn't say no to !!!

    As for favorite cover models...

    I like the models on Sherrilyn Kenyon's novels, "Unleash the Night" and also, "Night Play".

    And also, the model on Helen Kirkman's novel, "Forbidden" !!!

    I could just climb all over that guy's back !!! Dang !!!

    Does anyone know the names of these 3 different cover models ?

    Makes my mind wander into happy territory !!!


  8. Hmmm not so sure about the guy, but I do love the song you have on here. lol. Old School. Takes me back to high School, or Junior High. haha.

  9. They need to have more of him and less of that silly razor!

  10. LOL Jodi - I agree! Thanx for stopping by :)

  11. LOL, Sunny. One of those Dark Hunter cover Models IS Nathan Kamp!!!

    No wonder you liked him. *grin*

    THAT's why I said he reminded me of a Dark Hunter with the fire balls, ... I can see him as the Alexicon...*sigh*

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