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Saturday, October 28, 2006:
Something Halloween-y
I'm working one of my last days at the bookstore today (yay!) and haven't had as much time to be here, but everyone's in the Halloween spirit, so I thought I'd share some of my favorite things about Halloween.
I love "The Great Pumpkin, Charlie Brown", little kids in costumes, the good Halloween candy (mostly chocolate, and absolutely NO candy corn!), Bugs Bunny's Halloween special (Hocus ca-da-braaaa), old, black & white scary movies (like Dracula with Bela Lugosi), black cats, departments at work who create haunted houses, more good candy (remember, it's all about the chocolate), and ghost tours.
Have you ever gone on a ghost tour? Last year I went with a friend to Richard T. Crowe's ghost tour here in Chicago, and it really was a lot of fun, though we didn't see any spirits. I would have loved to have at least experienced a small little glimpse into the "other" world. The tour took us around the city of Chicago and to where some of the most famous murders and other events have happened. Spooky? You betcha, especially when it involves real people that I've heard about or read about for years. And if you go to the link, you get to hear some creepy music. Boo!
Your turn: what do you like best about Halloween?


  1. Oh I am so jealous that you are quiting your 2nd job. Its getting harder and harder to work mine. I am down to two days from three and even that is a challenge.

    I know I liked you for a reason, love chocolate, hate candy corn. People look at you like you are nuts when you tell them you don't like candy corn.

    I have never been on an haunted tour not sure if I like to go. Basic chicken here.

  2. hi Stacy!

    Bad Barb and I went on a ghost tour in Reno in 2006. Very interesing. I felt like we were Ghostbusters.
    Who ya gonna call...

  3. My favorite things about Halloween are taking the kids trick or treating, this is such a treat for me, because there is always one of the kids making me laugh until my sides hurt...especially if I'm with my brothers when we take the kids. It's always good times with the kids and I Just love it! I also love the candy (the chocolate, NO CANDY CORN for me either) and the sweets that my sister makes for us when we come back from our walk around the blocks...always a good time!

    I've never been on a ghost tour and I don't ever want to go on one either, because I'm a big time scaredy cat..what of it? LOL.

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