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Wednesday, November 15, 2006:
To tattoo or not to that his the question
Recently I've begun to think (obsess) over getting a tattoo. I don't know why. I've never wanted one before, for a few reasons. One is that I don't like anything enough to want it permanently etched into my skin, and another is that I have a low tolerance for pain. These seem like valid reasons not to get one.
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But over the summer, I saw a girl riding a motorcycle, and while she was leaning over the bars, I could see this really cool design on her lower back. It was one solid color, not quite black, maybe a bluer color, and it had an intricate style that really drew my attention to it. It was the first time I felt the desire to have a symbol forever inked into my skin. I was drawn to it, and wanted to know that kind of power myself.
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I kinda forgot about it for awhile, figuring I'd never get one. But lately I've started thinking about it a lot. I don't know why, maybe I'm having a delayed need to rebel or something like that. I just know that now I really want to get a tattoo, preferrably. When I asked my friend Becky about it, she told me that women who have tattoos on their lower backs are "easy". Well, sorry to disappoint ya Beck, but I ain't easy, I just think that's the coolest place for a tattoo.
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Just a side note: It will probably come as no surprise that I was never a really wild kid. For the most part I didn't cause (a lot of) trouble, and when I rebelled it was in more of an artistic fashion, such as really dark and violent poetry. Fortunately I outgrew that stage, and the world should be happy because of it. I did (and still do) have my moments, but they are all for me. I don't feel the need to shock anyone or get anyone to notice me. If I do this, it's for me and me alone. Though I do think I'll have fun showing it off ;)
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What I've posted here are just some examples of designs I kinda like, but none of them are what I want. This last design is the closest to what I am thinking of, but it's missing something, or maybe it's just too symetrical; I would like it more if it wasn't so perfect. Plus I keep thinking that it should mean something important to me, not just be a random symbol or design, like maybe it should represent my culture or some belief that I hold strong. Becky has a tattoo for each of her 3 kids who obviously mean a lot to her, and I like that; it should represent my individuality and make a personal statement because otherwise, I'll be tired of it before long.
How do you feel about tattoos?
Do you have one, and if so, what does it stand for?
Oh, and I personally think guys who have tattoos look sexy, but only if they aren't covered in them. I like the ones around their biceps, or even their arm or back. I don't care for tattoos on legs or the face though. I will say that while doing a little research, I've seen some really creative tattoos, some accentuating our God-given attributes. You just gotta love people and the way their minds work.
So to tattoo or not to tattoo....that is the question....


  1. I've thought about getting a pink ribbon tattoo just above my inside ankle over the last year or so. I think I've finally decided against it, though. I like tattoos. On other people. lol

    I'm like you, also. Don't like tons of tattoos all over the place.


  2. I would love a tattoo. I’m addicted to body art, actually (I love piercings!), and would probably get something Asian-inspired since I’m very influenced and moved by Asian culture as a whole. And I, too, would probably pick the lower back (though I think Mailyn’s got one there and she said it hurt like hell). But tattoos are just too permanent for me. It’s not even the pain factor (I could deal with that if I really wanted something). It’s just that I’m fickle, and I know I’d get sick of whatever it is I got, after a while. A tattoo is a long term commitment; a long term commitment I just know I’m not ready to make. So I probably won’t ever get a tattoo, however much I might want one. But if you’re confident it’s something you want, you should definitely go for it! :-D

  3. Over the last few years, I've really wanted to get one. I think I want something very small and subtle, just on my shoulder blade, maybe. I just don't want to be an old lady with a tattoo 30 years from now LOL.

    I wish I could get my hubby to get one around his bicep. He has the sexiest biceps. But it took me 15 years to convince him to pierce his ear. I think I'm sorely outta luck on the tattoo thing. :(

  4. Jen, I think a small pink ribbon tattoo would be awesome, but it's your body, and I think you don't need the tattoo to make a statement.

    DC, that's my issue - I'm fickle, too. But I get these obsessive moments. I need to hold off a little bit and see if I change my mind LOL.

    Lori, that's what I'm talking about! I don't want to look back and regret it, and it sounds even more painful to remove them. Love the bicep tattoo idea. Maybe dh will change his mind ;)

  5. I would like to get a tattoo, and have two ideas and their locations in mind. But I am terrified of needles. And I don't believe people when they say it doesn't hurt that bad. LOL

  6. I think that tattoos are neat, but I think you should not get them when you are too young or of something that you might not like when you get older (i.e. cartoon characters). The placement should also be thought out. When I see young girls with belly tats or ones on their cleavege I wonder if they know what they are going to know what the tat will look like in 15 years after they have had children.
    But I think they are really neat, but I cannot get over the pain factor to get one myself, yet. I think that I will eventually. But I say go for it (then let me know if it was painful) :)

  7. I have very mixed feelings on tattoos. My father and most of my uncles had them from their military days, and I remember my dad saying it was the stupidest thing he ever did. My oldest daughter (college-aged) now has two - my only request was that they not show - her dream is to work in an upscale auction house or museum and I just don't see tattoos as being a plus in her job search. I had always thought that I might like a life-size ladybug on the top of my foot, mainly because of the smallness of it - if it hurt like hell, at least it would be over quickly. Lately, with the prevalence of breast cancer in my family and given my own personal fear of it, I too had thought about a very small pink ribbon, but have no clue just where to put it. I'll probably never go through with it, and I'm ok with that too!

    I have no God-given attributes to draw attention to - as a matter of fact, I've often wondered what in the world God was thinking when he handed out some of my attributes! lol

  8. I love tattoos! I especially love the kind you're thinking of getting. Sexy. My husband's got a bunch, and he actually used to do tattoos. He drew me up a lower back piece, based on medieval manuscript art (I love Medieval history). But still no tat. I've never been able to commit, and DH is nervous to work on me, 'cuz he wouldn't be able to finish if it hurt.

  9. I love tattoos on a guy, well it really depends on what kind of tatoo the guy has, like a tribal thing going on his shoulder, his bicep I think is sooo sexy (you know kind of like The Rocks' tatoo?) I LOVE those tatoos..but I'm not one for tatoos, I'm too chicken and it's just not my thing. But Im' not a hater and don't hate on people that DO get tatoos...rock on with your bad selves I say! ;)

  10. I just got my second tattoo. They're both on my lower back and I'm definitely not easy. My first was to honor my heritage (a dragon) and second for myself (audeo--I dare in Latin). It does hurt, but it's kind of a pain-pleasure thing after the first couple of minutes. Good luck!

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