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Wednesday, November 29, 2006:
Off to Vegas, baby, like N.O.W.!
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I have the time, and the opportunity, and even a little money, so decided to plan a trip to Sin City to see what's changed since the last time I've been there, which was 6 years ago. Of course at the time, I worked for an airline, and got first class both ways, which was fun. Almost had the whole place to myself *g*
I'm not a gambler, might play the slots, but there's so much to do in Vegas, from the shows, to the various hotels and shopping, to Hoover Dam. There are helicopter rides to the Grand Canyon and the Richard Petty Driving School. It's about living.
Now, I'm also nervous about going, because I have this fear of flying, as I discuss briefly in one of my first ever posts. See, I've flown many, many times, even internationally, so you'd think I'd be so over it. But nah, the old imagination goes crazy and sends these hideous thoughts through my brain. It's the take-offs that get to me; the rest is fine. Even turbulence doesn't bother me so much. But the beginning part turns me into a nervous wreck.
But I decided that if I want to see the world and experience some adventure, I needed to try to conquer the fear, or at least face it. I'm not a huge reader of self-help books, but I do enjoy reading them every once in a great while. One that really affected me is Phil Keoghan's "N.O.W. : No Opportunity Wasted". There's even going to be a t.v. show about it. I like it because it's not about changing the world or doing something extraordinary, but it's about challenging yourself and trying to things that you've always wanted to do, even if they don't seem all that impressive. The point is that they are important to YOU. It's a lot like that list that's floating around in blogland of about 150 or so things people have done and/or wish to do, I'm just too lazy to post that one.
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Some of the things on my list include:
  • Swim with dolphins
  • Go skydiving
  • Drive a race car
  • Adopt
  • Pet a tiger
  • Visit the pyramids
  • Donate bone marrow
  • Volunteer more, like with Habitat for Humanity
  • Visit Prince Edward Island, and see Green Gables

What's on your list?

Have you made any of your dreams come true?

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  1. First of all, have TONS of fun on your trip and don't forget to watch Cirque's "O" or La Reve at the Wynn.

    Second, I hope this time it isn't as bad but I'm a horrible flyer so yeah, LOL.

    Third, have TONS of fun in Vegas!!!! LOL


  2. I hope you have fun in Vegas!! I've never been and its only four hours away from me.

  3. Hi Stacy!

    You have a super blog! Love it! I recently visited Chicago. I met some of my siblings, cousins and friends. We stayed at the Hard Rock Hotel and took in the Tut exhibit at the Field Museum. It was a lot of fun and I enjoyed Chicago a lot.

    Vegas is great! I have not been there in a really long while. The last time I went, my hubby took me for my birthday and we stayed at Treasure Island. I won $80 in a slot machine - which I promptly lost in the next casino! LOL Have a blast! I too have never been crazy about flying, but I get over it to go to some of the places I want to go!

    As to what is on my list:

    *Visit Ireland

    *Visit Scotland - again - and this time stay at a lodge in the Highlands for about two weeks

    *Photo safari in Africa - just me and my hubby

    *Learn how to do stained glass

    *Learn to sail a boat

    *Buy and flip a house

  4. Enjoy Vegas!!! I have flown many times and find my fear only goes with time as I calculate the odds ;)

    Oh I fancy a bit of heat right now.

    Gotta love Phil. I'd like to:

    Learn to skate
    Take a horseback holiday
    Get a ride in a police car (legally)
    Learn to shoot a handgun (at a range)
    And a few others...

  5. Have a fantabulous time!!! I haven't been in Vegas in forever.

    Things I want to do?

    Make it to all 50 states
    Visit the UK and the majority of Europe
    Publish a book


  6. Have a great time in Vegas! ;-)

  7. I always think I'm the only person never to have been to Vegas. Some day. I like your list - especially going to Prince Edward Island! I'm going to add visiting Jane Austen places!

  8. Thanx for stopping by - I did have a great time, though not as action-packed as I'd hoped (see newer posts). Oh well, the thing about Vegas, at least for me, is that you want to keep going back because there's so much to do!

    Love your guys' lists - I'm glad you shared :)

  9. Hi...I need to speak to you re: your blog design...could you mail me please. :o)


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