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Tuesday, November 28, 2006:
idle chit chat
Not a lot going on lately, just getting into the Christmas spirit. Currently, at 7pm, it's about 61 degrees here in rainy Chicagoland. Unbelievable. Of course it's supposed to snow by Friday, so it's coming. Winter will be here, whether I like it or not.
Finished a TON of Christmas cards. God bless who ever created address labels because they saved me a lot of time! And saved my hand from cramping up too LOL. At last count, I've done about 55, with more to go. I love writing out all those cards. And I weakened and bought 3 boxes of cards - I couldn't help it! They were just so cute, and under $4/box.
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Oh, and I finished most of my Christmas shopping. At work, we collect presents for foster kids - you should see it - a huge semi truck of gifts! It's incredible how generous people are. I love participating, and this year, I only chose one girl (instead of the 3 or 4 kids I usually end up getting for) Her name is Ravyn and she's twelve, and I wanted her to have some girly stuff, so I got a bunch of jewelry and a bath and lotion set, and some clothes. Shopping for girls is so much fun; they have much cooler stuff than when I was a girl. I also plan on grabbing a name or two from an angel tree, and I always, always buy books. Need to pass that valuable pastime on.
In other news, it seems that lots of bloggers are M.I.A. lately - Ames, DC, Kristie, Dylan, Devonna, Jen, Kelley, Jodi...unless they're just not visiting me LOL, which could very well be the case. I know I entertain myself, but other people...that's another story. Like I said at Kristie's blog, first a lot of us are suffering through a reading slump, then no one's's like we're all on the same monthly cycle or something.
Maybe this will provide us all with a little inspiration.....
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  1. Oh Stacy, he is purty! I am definitely in a reviewing slump. I haven't posted over at Don't Talk, Just Read in a couple weeks. Thank goodness that the 2 Jens have been posting!

    Howsomever, I can feel that I have a post or two in me, so hopefully I'll post in the next day or two. I dunno what's up, it is kinda weird that everyone is in a slump at the same time.

  2. I have been away from this blog too long! Whoo hoo thanks for hte Hottie!

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