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Saturday, December 02, 2006:
Honey, I'm home! (and other ramblings) Part I

Actually I got home last night, but after the day I had, I crashed and burned. So let's see, how was my trip, you might be asking?

For the most part, quite enjoyable. Well, Day One, Wednesday, I was so excited that I was up at 4:30am even though my flight wasn't until almost 10am. I am also a huge procrastinator so I had to finish packing anyway, so it worked out. Got to the airport early, ate breakfast, read, then got on the plane. All was fine until about 2 hours into the trip where I started to get aggravated with the passengers on either side of me since I was the 'tweener (couldn't I have had a little bit of the armrest, and why is it okay to elbow people and now say "excuse me" or "I'm sorry", an dammit, why must I always bite my tongue and not say anything?), and also the movie was "Cars", which I had no desire to see. I'd already read my magazine, and didn't feel like pulling out my book, and I couldn't sleep, so I was praying to God to give me strength not to hurt anyone *g*. Fortunately God heard my prayers. Kinda. Then I got a headache, which I thought was because I didn't have any morning caffeine, but it kept getting worse, also with a nauseous stomach so by the time I got to the hotel I was sure I was going to pass out while I was checking in. Fortunately I didn't, and I did take a moment to appreciate how truly nice and friendly everyone was, then hightailed it up to the 15th floor.

[Side note: I was staying at the Luxor, which looks like a giant pyramid with the Sphinx in front - pretty cool because it's on the Strip and very close to the airport. In fact you can see the hotels as the plane is landing. The Luxor is one of those hotels that you can see down into the lobby area when you are walking to your room, and it wasn't helping my headache because I inevitably look down, despite my fear of heights, and feel instantly dizzy. It's like a gaper's delay: the more I try not to look, the more I look, until the lightheadedness warns me that if I don't move away from the ledge I might just go over it...does that ever happen to you?]

I got to the room and decided to eat something, but instead of braving the buffet, I ordered room service, got more caffeine. The food helped a little, but the headache got worse, so I took some pain medication and tried to sleep, which I restlessly did for a few hours, then I got up, took a shower and my headache decided we would be taking it easy that night. I decided to roam around the hotel -- which, by the way, Starbucks has taken over Vegas hotels. At least every hotel I went to had at least one if not more Starbucks locations, and if that wasn't enough, there is a Starbucks in the baggage claim area of O'Hare airport. Now I like my Starbucks now and again, but this is insanity, I tell you! -- and see the sights. They had a King Tut exhibit but I prefer to see the real thing, which is currently in Chicago til January sometime, and they had some IMax shows going on. Carrot Top was the "star" performer at the Luxor, and Criss Angel was shooting his show "Mind Freak" there, but I didn't see hide nor hair of either, and to be honest, that might not be such a bad thing. Never been a big fan of the comedian(?) and I liked Criss better last year before he started to hang out with people like Paris Hilton. And what's with his hair????

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a more normal-looking Criss

[to be continued...]

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