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Saturday, December 09, 2006:
Winners, Christmas cards and quizes
Sorry this is so late - you know how life has a tendency to take over. Anywayz, I have the winner of the contest (just a quick note: as per my contest post, any books over a certain amount were excluded from the drawing):


Congratulations! I hope to pick up your selection: "Camelot's Destiny" by Cynthia Breeding, sometime this week. Please send your snail mail addy to:
Don't forget, I'll be doing another contest later in the week for a book of Michelle Buonfiglio's choosing. Part 2 of her interview will be posted on Monday, December 11th.

I got this info from Lori Foster:

Send A Little Holiday CheerThis holiday season:
Tthere are many soldiers who are recovering at WalterReed Medical Center. You can spread a little holiday cheer by sending acard (or two or three) to the following address:
A Recovering American Soldier
c/o Walter Reed Army Medical Ctr
6900 Georgia Avenue, NW
Washington, DC 20307-5001
If we all send 3, think of all the cards the solidiers will get!
www.lorifoster. com
Sept - MURPHY'S LAW, Kensington Zebra
Oct - A VERY MERRY CHRISTMAS, Kensington antho
Oct -THE NIGHT BEFORE CHRISTMAS, Kensington reissue
Nov - SANTA BABY, St. Martin's anthology

Also, got this little poll off of Sylvia Day's blog:

Do you like to keep your books nearby?

Yes, the closer the better. I have them on the nightstand, and all of them are in my bedroom. I love to re-read, and have them nearby.

Do you collect them?

Series that I love, yes. Or from a favorite author like Brockmann or Kleypas.

Pile, stack, shelve, hoard them?

All of the above. Eventually a book lover will run out of room.

Or do you get rid of them, send them back to the library, give them away, once you've read them?

Sadly I've given very few of them away, hence the lack of space. I can't help it, I'm very possessive of them.

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  1. Congrats to JANA!!!

    Looks like things things are getting excitng on your blog, Stacy!

    Hey, Stacy, did you see your MySpace comment I left you?
    I think Nathan is going to be outvoted by that Bieron guy or Adrain... I put my vote in for Nathan.
    Of anyone,I thought maybe you'd be the one to add a vote for Nathan.
    At least he made it to the final four. **grin**

  2. How come I didn't see the poll first??

    I collect the series if the first two have gripped me. That is true of Tara Jenzens' Crazy series.
    And Christina Skye's Code Name series.

    I have them in my room hoarded. There's a book I'll be getting off of the RBL site. The option was payment or trade.
    TRADE?? Lose one of my babies?? I'll pay.
    Every book seems to be a keeper. I need to let go of a few because I'm not only running out of room, but I'm running out of room . **gg**
    That's why I'm getting into Ebooks...take up much less space. If I can't "see" it, I don't feel so guilty.
    It 's all a matter of perception.

    cute poll.

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