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Thursday, December 07, 2006:
Favorite heroes...NOT!
We readers are a passionate bunch, not just having favorite authors and books but also characters from those books. I certainly have my own, the ones that resonate with me, that I remember for whatever reason. They hold a special place in my heart, and always will.
Dylan over at Sanctuary's Finest posted her hero of the week, and he is none other than my all-time favorite hero, Sam Starrett, from Suzanne Brockmann's Troubleshooter series. Sam's a Navy SEAL, and one macho hombre, but dang, he is so freakin' hot that I will top Dylan's claim and say that I love him enough for 50 women. But regardless of who loves him more (me!), the fact is, he is adored by many.
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And hated by a few. Yep, Sam is many things to many people, and you will either love him or hate him, and some do actually dare to hate him. I knew the man was trouble from his first appearance in "Unsung Hero", where he pretty much pissed everyone off, especially his future wife, Alyssa Locke, but I was okay with that. I'm not even going to try to defend him because, yeah, he was a jerk, and he did cry, and he did has this thing where he threw up after certain highly emotional and stressful situations. He also loved Alyssa more than she's ever been loved in her life, and he not only respects her abilities as a sharpshooter, he doesn't try to stop her from being who she is. To him, she is not "the little woman" who stays behind at home in the kitchen. No, he knows her place is right in the action, and he doesn't even try to stop her, no matter how dangerous it gets. He knows that this is the woman he loves, and he wants the real deal. Sam might not be perfect, but he's real, and he can be a mess, and he can break your heart, but one way or another, he'll make you feel.
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So yeah, Sam rocks. A memorable hero that tugs at the heartstrings. Just not everyone's heartstrings. And maybe there are other famous heroes out there that irritate the hell out of you:
Could the almighty Roarke be a pox on society in your eyes?
Do you want Joe to beat Ranger to a bloody pulp just to keep him away from Stephanie Plum?
Is Derek Craven a lost cause?
Which hero do you just not get?


  1. Sorry, can't think of a hero that makes me want to scratch my eyes out. Just had to post and say *I* love Sam bestest.


    (Okay, we can share the *biggest fan* tiara. Every other day and half of Sunday, 'kay?)

  2. For me, it's definitely Derek Craven! I mean, he wasn't a bad hero--he was okay. But I just don't get why so many people love him so much. *sigh* lol.

  3. Geez Kate, I guess LOL. Though I think I have sharing issues. *g*

    DC, I like Derek a lot, but he's not my favorite hero. So yeah, I wonder at the adoration of the masses...just don't tell Kristie *g*

  4. Okay I don't really have a hero that I hate or anything, or at least not that I can think of. But I do have two hero's that I don't think are freaking out of this world and everyone else does. I mean I really like both of these guys but I don't have hero worship for them like I see around alot. And they are none other than:
    Ben Lewis from LH's Heart of Fire
    Jamie Fraiser (is that even how you spell his name?) from DG's Outlander Series.
    I just don't get the obsession.

    And I think I'm gonna have to give in and read SB's series just so I can decide for myself what I think about Sam.

  5. Jazz - I'm with you! When I read Stacy's post, Jamie Fraser immediately sprang to mind. Although I have to admit, I don't get the whole "Outlander" phenomenon. My sister is NUTS about the books. I say any book where people keep saying to you, "You have to keep with it through the first 50 pages" isn't a keeper. I did read it, but never felt inspired to keep going.

    You guys can have Sam, I'll take Stan Wocholnok any day of the week and twice on Sundays! (Or, you know, more...) :wink:

  6. I can't really think of a hero who drove me crazy. I can think of some I love!! Jake Broussard from In your wildest dreams, Kyrian from Night Pleasures just to name a couple. I've heard so much about this series from Brockman but I've never read it!! I think I need to do that.

  7. Well, that guy that throws up and cried. Uhm, yeah, that's kinda wuzzy. I don't care how emotional. I'm a girl and I don't do that! LOL.

    Also Mr. Darcy is, to me, one dandy dork. I don't get it. I just don't get it. Momma's boy. LOL.

    Oh and Zadist from the Ward series. Another one that's all emotional with the crying and the throwing up and shit. Get a grip man! LOL

    I'll stop now since my list is probably long. LOL.

  8. I have never read a Suzanne Brockman book.

    I am reading Outlander far so good...but I am still don't quite the obsession that some have.


    ...and I don't think many people hate Sam, I think just Holly does and she hates him enough for 50 people. LOL.

    Sam is one of my all time favorite heroes and I'm known for being a Sam lover, be proud, I AM!

    As for heroes that everyone loves that I don't get, well that's easy for's Roarke from the In Death series, I read the first two books and though I enjoyed them, I didn't enjoy them enough to keep up with the rest of the series and though I liked Roarke well enough, he didn't do HALF of what Sam does for me.

    So yeah, for me, it's Roarke.

    Jazz, I didn't know you didn't love Ben Lewis like the rest of us, all I know is that I love that friggin' perv! haha.

    I really liked Jamie but I didn't really like his book all that much.

  10. I love Sam, maybe not as much as you, but I do love his character. I agree I love him because he is real and i love a hero that can cry.
    I cannot think of any that I hated that stick out in my mind at the moment, but I love JR Ward's heros as well.

  11. I have had heroes that made me want to poke my eyes out with a spoon but always at the end of the book they are redeemed.

    The heroes that want their heroine as a mistress only because they are below their station, give me the eye poking feeling. But always at the end when they are happily on the verge of matrimony, does the hero redeem themselves in my eyes.

  12. Damn it, Stacy, your comment section has eaten my comments 3 times. If it doesn't work this time, I give up. I forgot to copy it this last time before I tried to post it. *pouting*

    Sam isn't my guy, although I like all the Team 16 guys. He sure does know his way around chocolate syrup though, and any guy who does chocolate can do me!

    As for Derek, he's a good hero, but he always struck me as a wannabe, even though he makes no apologies for his lowly beginnings. Now Nick, theres a perfect hero. *sigh*

    I really need to read the Outlander series. Putting it on my TBR list.

  13. Gasp! Jazz & MK, I LOVE Jamie Fraser. I loved the first 4 books - devoured them - but had trouble getting into number 5. I think the attraction is that Jamie and Clare truly belonged together - it's like they really were destined. I can't explain it, and if you don't get it, you don't get it, but man, Jamie is one of those unforgettable heroes that I want for my very own. I was lucky enough to meet Diana Gabaldon and pay homage to her LOL.

    Mailyn, though I can't agree with you, you crack me up. Got your point, but still love Sam.

    Dylan, I need to read about Ben Lewis - I haven't read all of LH's earlier stuff. He sounds...intriguing *G*

    Kris, I love JR Ward's vamps, too. I love the tough alpha guy attitude, and how much they love their women.

    Lori, sorry about the comments. From LK, Zach was my guy. LOVE him.

  14. Can I just say this is, like, one of the best blog questions I've ever read? Beta males. Hate em. But I pretty much love any alpha. So when I read a beta who's literally saved by the heroine -- I mean there's no way he could have saved his pitiful self -- I'm mortified. And then, I read that people love that hero and I think, sheesh, wrong again, Michelle.

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