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Wednesday, January 03, 2007:
Drive-by post.... say "hey" and hope your year is starting out well. Me, I'm still so tired, and have actually been sleeping in later than I should, but dang, it's the middle of winter (okay, even at 45 degrees) and it's dark and the only thing beckoning right now is work. Can ya blame me?
I have a few author interviews that I want to start working on. I totally slacked off during the holidays, but it's time to get back in the game.
Trying to think of some contest ideas because I still have a bunch of books that I got in July left over from RWA. Trying to make things a little interesting....
Next Tuesday, I'm going to a book-signing for Josh Bernstein, host of "Digging for the Truth". I have the first season of his show on DVD so I'll try and watch those over the weekend so I can sound a little intelligent. Dang, he's kinda cute. Don't you just find smart men sexy? Hey, that'll be my question for today:
What smart man do you find sexy?

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  1. Happy New Year to you! Seems like 2007 is starting pretty good for you. Heh!

    A brain in a hot body is totally sexy. ;)

  2. I love books with nerdy/intelligent heroes (Talk Nerdy to Me by VLT, High Energy/High Intensity by Dara Joy and Roarke from the In Death series) I love men with lots of brains. For specific, I will have to go with my hubby

  3. I think Stacy that the darkness is what is getting all of us, I find that I have been sleeping in later in the mornings as well. I think that a man is sexy who has a great build and can even think with for themselves. I love the sexy heroes in the books that we read......LOL

  4. Hey! Just stopping by to comment--Saw you on Shelley Bradley's site--First, You MUST get Wicked Ties. HOT HOT HOT...Second, nice blog, & Third, Sexy, Smart Men--I chose three- JMO--John Edwards, John Grisham, and Emmitt Smith. I also cked your sexy, smart man out-- he IS a hottie. Very Nice SMILE!!
    Take Care,

  5. Ooh, great topic, Stacy! I think smart men are *more* sexy than just a cute, empty head.

    Oh, and my favorite smart sexy man -- er -- Colin Firth is smart, isn't he? He memorized all those old-fashioned Jane Austen lines, right? :)

    (Okay, I can't help it. My name is Kate D, and I'm a Colinaholic...)

  6. Hello Stacy,

    I saw you on Shelley's blog. Glad to found you very nice site. I am adding you to my favorite's ;)

    Hope you have a wonderful time at Josh Bernstein's book signing :) Ooo so you went to the RWA. I so wish I could have been there *Sighs* Maybe next time lol.

    Sexy Man: I would first have to say my fiance. Sexy, Smart, Sweet, Nice body, Dressed very well, Knows how to treat a lady and knows where he is going in life or what he wants in life.

    Happy 2007! Hope you all had a Happy New Year.


  7. Tempest: thanx for stopping by, and I hope your year is going great. And I totally agree with the smart men being sexy ;)

    Kris: I've never read the Nerd books, but I adore Roarke. Your hubby sounds like quite a catch :)

    Cryna: I agree about the darkness. I feel like I'm hiberating while standing up. And yep, those alpha heroes in our books are smart and very sexy.

    Hey Renee: Thanx for stopping by! I love your men choices. And Shayla's/Shelley's book sounds really good. It's been added to the list.

    Kate: Happy new Year! Nothing wrong with being a Colinaholic. The picture from P&P with him in the white flowing shirt was my wallpaper for a looooong time LOL

    Hey Linda: were you at the Scamps chat last nite? How cool if that was you - small world. Sounds like you lucked out in the fiance department. Good work LOL

  8. Happy New Year, Stacy!
    I'm off topic again. LOL.

    Anyway, an anon gave me this link. Check out Mr. Kamp on
    The NY Observer
    . There's an article on him.

  9. Happy New Year as well and I hope you get some rest soon!!!!

  10. Stacy!! Stacy!!

    Oh My gosh, you lucky lady!!!

    Guess what?
    Author Catherine Spangler wants to talk to you about...
    *drum roll*
    Nathan Kamp!! She wants you to email her ..
    Aren't you excited?!!!!!!!!!!

    I am for you.

    Here's what she said:

    "Also Michelle, would you ask Stacy to get in touch with me at I've been meaning to touch base with her about Nathan Kamp. "

    Girl, you are famous!

    I'm also going to send this to you via MySpace. I really want to make sure you get this.

  11. I agree with Kate ~ Colin Firth is absolutely it for me.

  12. yep I find smart men sexy. On of my favorite books is The Real Deal by Lucy Monroe and the hero is really smart!!

    I read that your comments and Catherine Spanger wants to talk to you about Nathan??!! You are so famous, girl!! How fun.

    Hope all is well with you.

  13. Dude where are ya? You are missed in blogland! ^_^

    Hope you are feeling better.


  14. Ooo! Looking forward to hearing about your encounter with Josh!

  15. Dang, I swore I commented on this post.

    But hey where have you been? I miss you...I look forward to what you've got planned for the new year, how exciting!

  16. I'm alive, I'm alive LOL. My computer has been possessed and the exorcism is not yet complete.

    Will post a catch-up post soon. Promise!

    Thanx everyone - I missed you all.

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