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Thursday, December 28, 2006:
What are you good at?

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You know, I've been racking my brain for the last few days, trying to think of interesting blog topics, and as I was thinking, I began to focus on the people around me. I came to the conclusion that I'm totally surrounded by some really smart and talented people, online and in real life. Some of them are good with numbers; others can take amazing pictures; some people are amazing writers; a couple of them have a clever way with conversation.
I have friends and family members who are masters in the kitchen, throwing together random ingredients to create mouth-watering dishes. Some of them speak 2 or 3 foreign languages. Still others know how to drive stick shift, are good in archery, understand and enjoy playing the stockmarket, knit, run marathons, fly airplanes, renovate houses, comprehend HMTL code (!), play an instrument of some kind, or know sign language.
Me? I don't do or know any of these things I've mentioned. It's enough to make a person feel a little inadequate LOL. So I thought I'd try to put a positive spin and maybe list a few good qualities that I do have or "talents" I think I possess. Here are a few things I think I contribute to society *g*:
  • I'm great at bringing people together. I have a tendency to keep in touch with those who've lost touch with each other, and find ways to reunite them. Sometimes that means I might get ignored LOL, but there really is a great feeling from being involved like that. It's all about this quality I have called "connectedness", which I'll blog about at a future date.
  • I'm dependable. Yeah, I sound like a faithful pet, but I am always on time (or early) and if I say I'm going to do something, I do it. I can be counted on to be the person others go to when they need help or if we're short-staffed at work, to fill in. I have no problem being flexible. (Note: this may sound rather boring, but I am well compensated for the work I do, plus I have found ways to "work around the system" that benefit me. Nothing illegal or unethical or against company policy, but I sometimes get extra time off or receive monetary rewards from my bosses, so really, it's all good).
  • I remember people and things that are happening in their life about grandchildren, hobbies, new house/car. Very important when dealing with the public like I do in my job, and it's something my mom taught me when I was young. Plus it's something I truly enjoy - learning about other people and what makes them tick. I know it's one of the reasons I was able to go back to my old office: "brought back by popular demand". People actually missed me and my customer service abilities and were requesting that I come back, and believe me, there is no greater feeling than being wanted. And equally as great is working with people you care about. I LOVE my job and the people I see everyday.
  • Donating time or money when I can. There are several causes that I am passionate about, and I do what I can to support them as best I can. I truly believe that what goes around comes around, and I feel like I am feeding my soul by doing something meaningful, no matter how small. It's what's in your heart that truly counts.
  • I'm not afraid to try new things, even if I end up doing them by myself. 2 years ago I went on my first vacation by myself: I went on a 5-day cruise. I was a bit nervous, but I really wanted to go, and though originally I had planned to go with one of my closest girlfriends, but because of a medical problem with her husband, she couldn't make it. I decided to go anyway, and I am sure glad I did. Sometimes you just have to let go of your fear if you really want to do something.
  • I'm not afraid to be alone (an extension of the previous quality). I would rather be single forever than have one (or several) loser boyfriends just so that I can say I'm with someone. Would I like to get married? Sure, of course. Kids? Maybe. Self-respect? Definitely. I have a girlfriend who is in her third dead-end relationship because she's afraid to try life on her own. I had a co-worker who stayed in an abusive marriage for almost 30 years. I wouldn't trade places with either one of them just to have a man. Being single definitely has its perks, and my money and time are my own. (And have you ever noticed that the most fervent and aggressive matchmakers are the ones in bad relationships? At least that's been my experience. And their blind date selections leave much to be desired, I might add.)
  • I send cards! Simple, really, but boy can it really make someone's day. I can't tell you how amazing it feels when someone tells me that they were having a bad day and then they got my card, and it really came at the perfect time. It's a small gesture, but one that can have an incredible impact on me and the person I sent it to.
  • And last but not least, I'm so freakin' modest! Okay, just kidding.

I know it sounds like I'm bragging, and maybe I am a tad bit, but hey, come on, we're always putting ourselves down and wishing we could be prettier, smarter, quicker, taller, richer, thinner...or is that just me? Believe me, I have plenty of bad qualities too, but that's for another time...or blog post. Anyway, none of these things are going to change the world, but as Garth Brooks would say, "I do this so, this world will know, that it will not chaaaange me". So maybe I'll never be able to sing like an angel, or climb Mt. Everest, or own my own restaurant. I can live with that. And isn't that the whole point? I'm just trying to make my own little (happy) place here on earth, and so far I think I'm doing okay with that.

So share, people: what are YOU good at?

Feel free to brag: it really is about YOU!

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  2. Oh, crap, I just realixed that my hubby's blogger name was the one that was logged in, please disregard his name.

    I will try this again: Stacy, you have some wonderful qualities. It is great that you can acknowledge that and brag about it. If you are too humble then you become a doormat. I will think about my qualities and get back to you.

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  4. Yeah, i figured out how to delete it!

  5. Hey Kris! Thanx for stopping by. Glad you liked my little Stacy lovefest *g*. Can't wait to hear some of your great qualities. We all deserve to see how good side from time to time, I think (and remember we have one LOL).

  6. This is going to sound weird and it's so odd touting my own horn, but I think my best quality is I'm likeable. I still get invited to parties and things at the place I was employed at several jobs ago. My sister still works there and I was telling her they still invite me because she works there and she says No - they invite you because they like you. I also have the ability to get along with and work with even the most difficult of people. And lastly, I think I have an odd and strange but good sense of humour.

  7. Hey, Stacy!! You have some terrific qualities. I'm so happy to get to know you.

    1) I think I have a good sense of humor. If a little quirky...
    2) I can sing like Celine Dion. Ok maybe like her background singer's cousin who *really* likes to sing but has not future as a singer...
    3) I can bowl like there's no tomorrow...or 10th frame.
    4) I can bake like Betty Crocker. I really can...

    OT-- I received WML today and sent you an email. {{BIG HUGS}}

  8. And you thought you weren't as talented as other people?

    Babe, I'm in awe of the talents you listed out. They aren't easy to come by and I'm glad you recognise how kick ass you are! *grin*

    Like Julie said, I'm happy to get to know more of you. :)

  9. Kristie, I may only know you online, but I definitely think you're likeable. And I'm not the only one. And I love odd senses of humor. I can relate *g*

    Julie, I envy the singing thing. That is the one dream I have that will never be realized LOL. And I suck at bowling, so I'm impressed. I used to bake a lot and wasn't too bad at it - made an awesome apple pie, the whole thing from scratch. But when I had 2 jobs I cut waaay back.

    Grace, you are a total sweetie! I guess I sometimes have to remind myself that I'm not a loser LOL and to put it in writing kinda helps. But seriously, I do think I have some qualities I'm proud of, and thank God for. I'll definitely have to do a bad habits post one day - that could be a looooong one *g*

    Happy New Year everyone, and thanx for dropping by and making my day :)

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